Jennifer Lopez in her bathroom and in her bed, at 52, set the web on fire

Jennifer Lopez in her bathroom and in her bed, at 52, set the web on fire

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their love affair. Fans who called the couple “Bennifer” were thrilled. Last weekend, the couple got married. Jennifer Lopez, now 53 years old, Don’t look at her age at all. photo recently Post on his Instagram account prove.

You think she’s half his age. Previously, the actress had already made it clear Sports help him to keep fit. She had already revealed her workout and food routine in her “On the JLo” newsletter. tips that we can easily follow.

Her “JLO BEAUTY” tip

A movie star “marry me” used to practice Cardio for 30 minutes. Then she continues her routine with practice BodyBuilding During 30 to 40 minutes. At the end of his gym sessions, stretch dancer to stay flexible.

In her diet, Jennifer Lopez relies heavily Raw vegetables and vegetables. She accompanies them with meat. For a body like Jlo’s, you have to say goodbye to french fries. Jennifer Lopez only eats it on occasions.

Aside from her routine of maintaining her plastic dream, Jlo revealed it too beauty routine. For information, Jennifer Lopez has her own brand of beauty products called “JLO BEAUTY”.

mother of two published A video of her routine To take care of your skin. Jennifer Lopez washes her face with a cleanser before applying the serum. Then you apply moisturizer and finish the routine with a richer formula. Apply it under the eyes, between the eyebrows, and on the forehead.

Well, this is no longer a secret! Jlo revealed the tips for her luminous skin that we see and The body of her dreams at the age of 53.

“Bennifer”, D-Day

Twenty years have passed since the birth of the “Bennifer” couple. In 2002, married couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck formed one Hollywood star couples. They got engaged some time after Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd’s divorce.

Unfortunately, their relationship was exaggerated. Due to media pressure, the couple postponed their wedding date. In 2004, the two stars officially ended their relationship.

After nearly 17 years, “Bennifer” is reborn. At the very least, their love story is worthy of a novel. Two love birds find each other. Nearly 20 years after their first engagement, the couple got engaged in April 2022. This time, they went all the way!

On July 17, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get married. The ceremony was held in a chapel in Las Vegas. The singer preferred to remain conservative. So she did not reveal the pictures of the ceremony. However, the few photos shared on the web showed the look of Ben Affleck’s bride.

Chris Appleton, the bride’s hairstylist, revealed Jennifer Lopez’s wedding look. Her hair was wavy with Very charming size. She had long extensions tied in a half ponytail.

For makeup, JLo’s beautiful eyes were highlighted in a subtle smoky brown. She had a light face with a peachy blush and glossy lips with a nude sheen.

natural bride

The photo that the bride posted the day after her wedding Marked souls Web users. Jennifer Lopez posted a photo of her getting up while still in bed.

With a smile on her face, she showed herself as normal. Her skin was bright. However she is He has no makeup ! In the fifties it had a smooth skin texture and a healthy glow.

You can also see the singer’s wedding ring in the photo. She had well-manicured nails. They are strewn with almonds, with a sandy beige tint to grey. The color of her nails enhanced the color of her brown skin.

The artist behind this manicure, Tom Beshek, has been revealed Exact brand and color used. For curiosity, this is the Bio Seaweed Gel brand. As for the nuances, it’s the “Are You Shore” range.

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