Excluded. Kevin (remember the lyrics) reacts to the controversy over his mistake during the 2022 Masters tournament

Excluded. Kevin (remember the lyrics) reacts to the controversy over his mistake during the 2022 Masters tournament

Rule Don’t forget the words! It couldn’t be more basic: When the music stops, you have to follow the lyrics. It is still necessary to have a consensus on the words to be pronounced. The 2022 edition of the Masters has already started since October 21. This Friday, November 11th saw the return of two former champions: baptist29 in order, and Kevincurrently number 3The winner of the competition in 2019. If Baptiste wins the second round and advances to the round of 16 where he will face Natasha, Kevin has won the first round. Thus he was able to sing in the hope of winning €20,000.

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When choosing a piece, the candidate did not hesitate long and chose your legacy by Benjamin Bewley. Then he seemed to have perfected the title and banned the lyrics.”The sun is on the balcony and the moon is in the windBut the astonishment in Nagui’s game: The production rejects his words and loses them to 0 eurosthe expected text isunder the canopy” Nor “under the wind“Except that netizens quickly noticed that there was no trace of it.”the umbrella“In the lyrics of the songs were available on the Internet …

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“I meditated during the whole match”

asked by Tele-LeisureKevin is captivated by his feelings after this lost final. “This is what frustrates me more than defeat. For once, this song was close to my heart, I knew it well, and I was very glad to come across it. In theory, I know this by heart. I always sang “The Wind”. As other Maestros like me have said.“A situation he thinks may have affected his focus and his loss in the next round.”The show after I wasn’t feeling well“captured us”.After that, it is impossible to say if I was in another state of mind I would have succeeded in the matter “It’s the same song.” But in the break between the two shows, when I saw I was going back to zero in it, I wasn’t feeling well and on the way back I was thinking the whole gameasks a statistic student.

‘I felt disgusted’

Remember that the validated words in the program are those that the publishers deposit with Sacem (the community of authors, composers and music publishers). “We do not have access to the texts of the campus“Sorry for Kevin. And to continue:”So if there is a disagreement, they are the ones who have the official words. I felt disgusted, but I couldn’t know. We have to trust what we hear and what we read and nowhere have I found the expected words. You can’t do much‘, he admits.

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