UEFA Champions League - PSG aim for qualification, Real and City first: Tuesday's group update

UEFA Champions League – PSG aim for qualification, Real and City first: Tuesday’s group update

Group E: Chelsea qualify, group still very open

The defeat in Zagreb, on the first day, cost Thomas Tuchel dearly, and he was sacked soon after. Since then, Graham Potter has taken things in hand to put the blues at the top of their pool. As a result, the London club is one win away from qualifying for the Round of 16, in a group where everyone is still in the race. A victory to be achieved in the undefeated Red Bull Salzburg meadow.

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Third, Milan must inevitably benefit from this clash between the first two. The Rossoneri are two points behind second place, equal to last-placed Dinamo Zagreb, who travels with them. The Lombardy club will have to forget two consecutive losses against Chelsea without scoring a goal, and remember that they won the first leg against the Croats. But in general, everything is still open …

“It doesn’t surprise anyone that United play better without Cristiano Ronaldo”

Ranking: 1. Chelsea (7 points), 2. Red Bull Salzburg (6 points), 3. Milan (4 points), 4. Dinamo Zagreb (4 points).

matches 6:45 pm: Red Bull Salzburg – Chelsea, 9 pm: Dinamo Zagreb – AC Milan

Group Six: The only real one in the world

With three wins and four draws, Real Madrid has already proven its qualification to the next round. A simple draw on RB Leipzig would be enough for both Merengues to take first place. The real challenge for this group is in the distance duel between Leipzig and Shakhtar Donetsk, separated by one point and who will face each other on the last day.

The Ukrainian club appears to be leaving by a narrow margin despite trailing by one point, as they play at home in this crucial match, and face Celtic on Tuesday. The Scots, who eventually qualify by one point, still believe in qualifying for the Europa League, but no more than that.

ranking 1. Real Madrid (10 points), 2. RB Leipzig (6 points), 3. Shakhtar Donetsk (5 points), 4. Celtic Glasgow (1 point).

matches 9:00 pm: Celtic Glasgow – Shakhtar Donetsk and Leipzig – Real Madrid

“From outcast to national pride, Benzema finally gathers”

Group G: City is already eighth, and Dortmund aims to join it

Like Real Madrid, Manchester City have already qualified. And like the Merengue, the Nationals only need one point to secure first place and a quieter draw. Pep Guardiola’s squad will travel to Dortmund, which could in turn qualify if an exploit occurs. The Germans posed real problems to the English on their way out.

Drawn on points and without a win so far, Sevilla and Copenhagen are vying alongside them for a place in the Europa League, in advance. The victory combined with the defeat of Dortmund, and the sixth day could provide a reflection of the situation.

Still boring and likable: Mourinho, Rome’s other pope

ranking 1. Manchester City (10 points), 2. Dortmund (7 points), 3. FC Sevilla (2 points), 4. FC Copenhagen (2 points).

matches 6:45 pm: Seville – Copenhagen, 9 pm: Dortmund – Manchester City

Group H: PSG should only wrap up, Juventus can no longer miss each other

After two consecutive draws against Benfica, Paris Saint-Germain tied on points with its Portuguese opponent. Before considering the first place, the Ile-de-France club must maintain its qualification. And he must do so on Tuesday evening, in his garden, facing Maccabi Haifa, the last of the group. A formality on paper, one tends to think.

The shock of the evening will face Benfica against Juventus, who can afford nothing but a win to continue believing in them. The old lady lost three of her first four matches but still had little hope. He will have to win in Portugal and then on Paris Saint-Germain to get his eighth victory. That’s just.

Ranking: 1. Paris Saint-Germain (8 points), 2. Benfica (8 points), 3. Juventus (3 points), 4. Maccabi Haifa (3 points)

matches 9:00 pm: Benfica – Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain – Maccabi Haifa

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Champions League

Potter, the gentle revolution

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Champions League

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