Live - Paris Saint-Germain - Monaco: Mbappe left the penalty for Neymar, Galtier explains

Live – Paris Saint-Germain – Monaco: Mbappe left the penalty for Neymar, Galtier explains

Galtier says Mbappé was the number one shooter

After the meeting, Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier returned to the penalty kick that Neymar scored this evening, saying that Kylian Mbappe was with that first choice.

“The hierarchy was Kylian (in) 1 and Ney (in) 2, as he explained in the Prime Video mic. I saw that they exchanged and that Ney made the decision to fire him after discussing with Kylian. I saw that Kylian went to congratulate Ney with great pleasure. They’re also great players, it’s also up to them to get a feel for what’s going on. Most importantly, Ney shot and scored and Kylian came to congratulate Ney.”

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Monaco loses Paris Saint-Germain points!

It’s over in the garden! Paris loses its first points in the league after a 1-1 draw with Monaco! After being weighed down by an early goal from Voland, Paris Saint-Germain managed to come back to score thanks to a penalty from Neymar. Paris, Lens and Marseille equal first!

4 minutes of extra time

There will be another four minutes in this meeting! Paris is pressing to win this meeting!

Mbappe’s head doesn’t take the picture

After a cross from Hakimi, Mbappe cut the head track at the near but far post!

Messi exit

Pablo Sarabia will spend some time playing and replacing Lionel Messi! The Argentine will have arrived at Al Qaim tonight.

Paris camps in front of the roof

Monaco roams in front of its roof but Paris is unable to take ASM from behind!

Hakimi takes office!

Achraf Hakimi takes his chance from a distance of 30 meters and finds the outgoing post! Too bad for Paris Saint-Germain!

Mbappe still misses target

Mbappe’s role in trying to score alone! Hook and strike but it goes!

Neymar equals a penalty kick!

It is clear that Neymar will face Noble! He kicks off his traditional race… and scores! 1 to 1, PSG equation!

Paris Saint-Germain penalty!

Suspicion of a penalty kick on Neymar, who entered the roof and Mariban was unbalanced! Video arbitration and penalty awarded!

Replaces Danilo Sanches

The first change for Paris Saint-Germain with the exit of Sanchez and the return of Danilo!

Neymar misses the frame

A very complicated exit from Noble in front of Mbappe and Neymar tears himself to recover the ball! Hit from the left to the empty goal, but above!

Massive action for PSG!

Huge work for Paris with Mbappe who stumbles on Nobel and returns to class! Sanchez hits the goal, but flirts with the existing Monaco!

Monaco is working against

Paris surprised by Monaco with every losing ball! PSG is in a hurry to equalize but can’t.

Mbappe misses the target

Mbappe enters the area and continues with a curling shot! It’s next to Nobel’s goals.

Ben Yedder miss 2-0!

Going deeper, Ben Yedder dribbled past Donnarumma and attempted a shot! He is above the goals of Paris Saint-Germain!

Monaco surprises in the garden!

It’s the break! Paris Saint-Germain leads to the park from Monaco with a goal from Kevin Volland! For the first time in the season, Paris are having a hard time facing a strong Monaco side that was still very hot with two consecutive posts from Messi and Mbappe!

Paris Saint-Germain double participation!

Monaco was hot! At the entrance to the rooftop, Messi sends a powerful shot at the post… and it’s up to Mbappe who takes over with one touch… Spread!

Big opportunity for Mbappe!

Nuno Mendes is found to the left of the area and crosses straight towards Mbappé! Flat feet skew by Disasi!

Yellow card for Aklius

Voland’s replacement, Akliush deals with Kimpembe from the back and gets a yellow card!

Paris can’t do that

It’s hard tonight for PSG who can’t make a difference in the hub! Neymar then Messi tries but to no avail!

DONNARUMMA comes out of hiatus!

Very good free kick for Monaco at the entrance to the Paris area… Caio Henrique dashes past the wall and forces Donnarumma to a big stop!

Monaco is in the right place

ASM allows itself beautiful reminders despite Parisian pressure and it works very well! Monaco is in a good place!

Fofana strike

Another great job from Monaco with one two between Fofana and Akliouch! The middle continues with a direct hit into Donnarumma’s gloves!

Akliouche replaces Voland

Kevin Volland, who got shot in the net, must leave his spot for the end of the match at Akliush! A small blow to ASM!

Kamara is still on the ground

The great connection between Camara, Neymar and Monaco does not immediately rise. For his part, Voland limps and no longer takes his place.

Voland opens the score!

Paris surprised by Monaco in a fast movement! Camara recovers a ball from Messi’s feet and gives it to Golovin. Russian Voland throws a deep deceive Donnarumma with his left foot! 1 to 0!

Mbappe suffers

After being denied the balls, Kylian Mbappé tries to make a difference on all fronts of attack but gets stuck!

Camara drops Neymar

At number 10, Neymar is trying to make the difference but takes a big block from Camara!

Camara’s Big Intervention

Mbappe is pleased with a wise heel and returns it to the French international. He tries to dribble but takes a big shot in the shoulder from Kamara without fail.

Harmless bets

Leo Messi tries to launch Mbappe deeply, but Desasi intervenes perfectly! The Paris strikers don’t touch many balls.

Donnarumma shows muscle

The first corner of the match, Monaco will be more daring at the start of the match. Henrique takes it but is sent back! He returns in the chest and Donnarumma intervenes in front of Badiashile!

Monaco is dangerous

Monaco free kick with Golovin who finds Desasi at the far post and the defender brings her back to the line! He was offside.

Yellow card for Neymar

Already a yellow card for Neymar who came to pay Volland voluntarily! The referee did not hesitate and the Brazilian groaned in front of him!

Great atmosphere in the garden

The two teams took turns in possession but Marco Verratti decided to keep the ball. The park also show envy tonight!

The start of the match Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco!

And here we go for this last game of the fourth day! Paris Saint-Germain, unbeaten and absolutely stunning in the French Ligue 1, faces Monaco at the Parc des Princes!

11 Monaco, with Voland in attack

Noble – Badiachel, Maripan, Desasi – Cayo Henrique, M. Camara, Fofana, Aguilar-Golovin, Ben Yedder, Foland.

Paris Saint-Germain formation without surprise

Donnarumma – Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe – Hakimi, Sanchez, Verratti, Mendes – Messi, Neymar, Mbappe.

Paris Saint-Germain: The grease removal process continues with the departure of Ander Herrera

PSG had several players on its no-want list this summer, and players to be removed. After Wijnaldum (AS Roma), Kehrer (West Ham) and Dina Ebimbe (Frankfurt), Ander Herrera has found a buyer on loan to Athletic Bilbao.

Potential components of shock

It’s no surprise that PSG line up the same formation as last week with one exception: Renato Sanchez should be aligned instead of Vitinha, suspended.

Donnarumma – Ramos, Marquinhos, Kimpembe – Hakimi, Sanchez, Verratti, Mendes – Messi, Neymar, Mbappe.

For Monaco, Philippe Clement should form 3-4-3 with the possible start of Germany’s Kevin Volland instead of Brielle Empolo who started the first three matches.

Noble – Badiachel, Maripan, Desasi – Cayo Henrique, M. Camara, Fofana, Aguilar – Golovin, Ben Yedder, Foland or Empolo

F h

Good morning all

Welcome to this live stream to follow the live comments on the last meeting of the fourth day between Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco. The kick-off will take place at 8:45 pm in the Parc des Princes.

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