Tour de France - Vingegaard, Van Aert and others: 'It was a masterpiece' by Jumbo-Visma

Tour de France – Vingegaard, Van Aert and others: ‘It was a masterpiece’ by Jumbo-Visma

Jonas Vingegaard would become a grand tour winner. Wout van Aert also somehow. Christophe Laporte, Tessig Bennott, Sepp Koss and Nathan van Hoogdonk but also Stephen Kreuzvik and Primus Roglic were all forced to retire. Cycling is said to be the most individual team sport. The worn-out formula may become cheesy. Above all, the successes of Egan Bernal and Tadej Pojaccar carried the seal of their talent. The yellow jersey is not lacking, but his victory, if confirmed in Paris on Sunday, will be at least as individual as a collective. And Hautacam’s 18th stage was glaring proof of that.

It’s funny how things sometimes fit together. Poissarde with Primoz Roglic, Jumbo has changed the way it is this year. Forget the defensive team that did not leave the frame in which it closed itself. Men in the lead, relays, a successful (and decisive) molestation project at Pogacar, it was all daring and crowned with success. When the marketing teams put together this jersey inspired by Rembrandt, the 17th-century Dutch painter, they had no idea that, a few weeks later, they would have a formula ready for the very likely winner of the Tour de France.

Tour de France

Pogacar, a class in defeat

2 hours ago

Wout Van Aert, the best rider in the world helped me win the Tour

We made a masterpiece, like this shirt we’re wearingJonas Weinggaard smiled at Ootacam. The whole team was very strong today and I have to thank them very much. I owe them this victory. Thanks to them, I couldn’t do anything without them. “Excessive modesty is a mistake that can upset but in the Dane’s case, the exit can only be honest. Objectively speaking, Jumbo-Visma as a whole has won the Tour de France. Laporte and the others have all at some point succeeded in the race.”Today, after Col du Granon, it is a new example that shows the strength of the teamVingegaard says.

Van Aert Pogacar Dropped, Then Vingegaard Flew: How Jumbo-Visma Sealed the Tour

This Thursday, there was yellow and black everywhere. Even at the age of six, the Dutch imposed a yoke that even Tadej Pojákár failed to get rid of. “It is important to have men at the frontSeb Coss analyzes. You never know what could happen and it’s easy to keep players waiting. Everyone else is very good at feeling rushed, doing the right thing at the right time to help without using too much energy. “

And if anything happens, having Wout van Aert on your side can help. “Down with Tadig Pojakargives a stunned Vingegaard. The best rider in the world, Wout van Aert, helped me win the Tour“Not the buzz for a penny, the WVA is content to be.”proud to contribute“.

Jumbo wanted to respond to the Emirates

When I heard that the Pogacar was abandoned, I told myself that I should give all that is left to meBelgian continues. That’s what I did and Jonas was able to go on his own for three kilometres. After what the Emirates team showed on Wednesday, we wanted to attack. We had to assume our responsibilities. That’s why it attacked from zero kilometers. It was crazy, and it was one of the craziest days of my career“What is evident from this team is the joy of racing. Obviously it is always easier to get a smile in victory but that is in contrast to the recent past.

It is different to attack or defend you in different state of mind‘, analyzes Vingegaard who makes the truism truism. If experience from past failures has clearly played its part, the leader’s personality may also have helped change the team’s deep ethos. If Primoz Roglic put control above all else, Vingegaard is more talkative, And the turmoil does not frighten him.

I am happy to work with JonasKoss once again recognizes his privilege in the mountains. It gives me everyone’s confidence. He is calm, confident. It is always better to be able to work without stress.“Even if the Dane was convinced for ten days to follow the Pogacar bands, Jumbo maintained a certain pressure and, with the exception of the Peyragudes stage, always had the upper hand.”He was feeling relaxed every day, Cos laughs. Each time he wanted us to push the speed a bit more to make a difference. I hope today will be enough for him“What Jonas wanted, Vingegaard got. That’s a great team presence.

Tour de France

Van Aert’s Crazy Day, From Kilometer 0 To The Otakam Massacre

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Tour de France

Round Debates: Is it a Pogacar Defeat or a Vingegaard Victory?

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