[VIDEO] Who is "Green Cap", this party animal and former voracious smoker with "breasts and rolls", who became a champion in Ultra-trail

[VIDEO] Who is “Green Cap”, this party animal and former voracious smoker with “breasts and rolls”, who became a champion in Ultra-trail

Alexander Busheks, nicknamed “Green Cab”, was not destined to become a star in the Ultra Trail world. Within a few years, he had gone from a dynamic young CEO, somewhat fat, who smoked like a firefighter, to a great sportsman who performed impressive chained performances.

Party animal and former heavy smoker, Alexander Boscheks has become an unlikely phenomenon in the Ultra Trail world under the name “Green Hood”. This 30-year-old Parisian inspires beginners to his career and his successes.

On Saturday evening in Grenoble, Bouchkes added a new streak to the list of winners by winning the extreme endurance race of the Ultra Tour des Quatre Massifs (Ut4M), a 173km track with an altitude of 11,500m across the Alps. Vercors, Taillefer, Belledonne and Chartreuse, which he completed in 28 hours and 28 minutes!

A month ago, he won the Ultra 01 (in Al Ain), a 172km run in 20 hours 35 minutes. “Basically, I just wanted to run a half marathon,” Alexander Boschkes says, evoking his beginnings as a runner, a green beret tucked into his head, and the legacy of his school years that became his hallmark on the tracks and. .. social networks.

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Its story begins with the coffee machine of a multinational company. A dynamic young CEO, Bushkes is challenged by a colleague preparing to run an 80-kilometer event. It was 2015. The Parisian, a very athletic high school student, gained 25 kg during his studies in business, “Breast, rolls” which does not bother him, but his curiosity displeases him.

He struggles at first but progresses very quickly. A 10 km, then the marathon, the track, the ultra distance. Today, he has forty races including six wins over the past twelve months with 43rd place in the world reference, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB), before finishing 18th in the famous Diagonale des fous.

good beer

“I discovered a world where you can hallucinate like I’ve been on drugs, but it’s legal, in the mountains, in a natural setting, to do sports that are valued by others and for yourself,” he explains. A touch of humor.

The boy with an impressive flow and a childlike face on a daily basis navigates between his “Excel files” and his life in sneakers where he pushes his body to the limits. That doesn’t stop him from grabbing a beer in one go once he crosses the finish line, a ritual now eagerly awaited by the community that follows him more and more on the networks. “It’s amazing, it’s crazy! There’s a track thumbnail that, once you stand out, can quickly do the trick.”

Mehdi Maingweni, 44-year-old Britton, is one of those who discovered the running trail thanks to the Capskit Vert. “He’s someone who shows that this is possible, an atypical profile. He’s paved the way for people like me. It’s a recent image of lane running,” explains Raine, who started running two years ago.

“Someone Like Everyone”

Boucheix explains his popularity by the fact that he is “a person like everyone else”. “We can’t identify with Kylian Mbappe but with an amateur who goes to the final in the Coupe de France and he’s a butcher next door. I don’t want to say I’m the charm of the Coupe de France, that’s me the Petit-Quevilly of the track! But there’s a little bit of that.”

But he denies being a role model, the one who swallows 5,000 calories a day – “If I don’t eat three times what someone normally eats, I can’t stand it” – who smokes like a firefighter until he promised him his 30th birthday in November ) past, which runs for 30 km a day and never misses an opportunity to celebrate.

The “green cap” is known as the white wolf on the trail running. On Ut4M, everyone is just talking about it. But the man from Saint-Mandé (Val-de-Marne) knows that all this will only have time. “In my work, it lacks deep meaning, I would like to switch to a charitable world where there is a real background,” he imagines.

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