Ligue 1: Entry tension, dazzling Neymar, Messi and already crucial recruits

Ligue 1: Entry tension, dazzling Neymar, Messi and already crucial recruits

FAfter the holidays in the sun, Ligue 1 representatives have shown the public that they are well prepared to resume the new 2022-2023 season, starting Friday, August 5. With the new players well integrated into the different teams and the crucial and already impressive goals, the French championship has regained the same exciting intensity as it was at the start of last season.

The Paris champions, the clear winner of Clermont, Saturday 6 August, are already advancing in the French Ligue 1. If Monaco, third at the end of the previous season, had made a successful entry to the scene, then Rennes, who finished fourth in 2021-2022, faltered at Lorient (for the first time in ten years).

While waiting for Olympique de Marseille’s first performance – against Reims (8:45pm) – under Igor Theodor, his new coach whose methods have caused some tension in the players’ ranks, only one match remained empty this day. Rich in goals: Nantes Angers (0-0).

First day results

Leon-AC Ajaccio : 1-2

Strasbourg– Monaco: 1-2

Clermont Paris Saint-Germain: 0-5

Toulouse – Nice: 1-1

Brest Lens: 3-2

Angers Nantes: 0-0

Montpellier – Troyes: 3-2

Lil Auxerre: 4-1

Ren Lorient: 0-1

  • Weekend Match Start: Lille Wasted No Time

Thirty-six seconds for the opening game, less than three minutes to double the lead … Lille scored strong since the start of the match against Occiroa on Sunday afternoon. AJ Auxerre didn’t have time to touch the ball before Benjamin Andre scored the opening goal, then Jonathan David set the tone for Ligue 1 to go up just two minutes later.

Overwhelmed and very negative against Lille already well on their legs, Auxerrois struggled throughout the first period and were penalized for the third time before the break, again by Jonathan David, and well sent by Remy Capella, who rotated and made assists. On his return from the locker room, Auxerre showed a better face, but it was not enough to stop Lille’s dynamic, as Achim Zidadka came in to score the fourth goal for the Mastiffs. However, Burgundy’s efforts bore fruit and Gaëtan Charbonnier narrowed the gap (4-1).

  • Weekend Shock: Anthony Lopez, who was kicked out for the first time of the season

As usual, Anthony Lopez once again distinguished himself with a dangerous aerial outing on the first day of the tournament. The Portuguese goalkeeper missed his intervention by going out in front of Ajaxian striker Monem Al-Idrisi, and he did not touch the ball but hit his opponent with his head, who remained on the ground for a few minutes, which is the right time to regain his senses.

After being sent off, Anthony Lopez received his first red card of the season and was replaced by Remy Rio. At the age of 35, the goalkeeper came off the bench and played his first professional minutes with his coaching club, which he joined during the summer transfer window from Caen. He couldn’t avoid Thomas Mangani’s conceded penalty downgrade due to Anthony Lopez’s foul, but showed himself in a beautiful display at the hour mark to allow his side to win 2-1, thanks in particular to a goal from ghost Alexandre Lacazette.

In a tense match, with six yellow cards, new Ajaxian Romain Houma also received a red card. The League’s Disciplinary Committee will consider suspensions for players on Wednesday, August 10th.

  • Statement from the weekend:

You can pay to watch players like these! I’m lucky, I don’t pay… I paid to see that! »

Alors que son équipe venait de se voir infliger une claque par le Paris-Saint-Germain (0-5), samedi soir, l’entraîneur clermontois, Pascal Gastien, n’a pu que saluer les prestations de Neymar et Lionel Messi en conférence release. The Brazilian starred with a goal and made three assists, while the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner scored two goals. The Argentine was particularly distinguished by the last goal of the match, in which he controlled the ball with his chest, returning to the goal, before making an acrobatic comeback.

Pascal Justin was not the only one that Clermontois won in the attacking match presented by Paris Saint-Germain, as a large part of the Gabriel Monbaid Stadium applauded and chanted in Messi’s name after this fifth goal scored by the Parisian player.

  • Weekend winning return: Crippen Diatta (Monaco)
Crane Diatta celebrates his goal against Strasbourg, Saturday 6 August 2022.

He had replied back on July 27 for the first time in nearly eight months. But it was just a friendly match against Southampton (lost 3-1). His true return to competition, Crippen Diatta returned on Saturday with Monaco’s first Ligue 1 game of the season in Strasbourg. The 23-year-old Senegalese international did not miss the opportunity to recall the good memories of the players and followers of the tournament: he scored, with a superb shot, the first goal for Monaco against Strasbourgwa (final result 2-1). ).

A reference to his setbacks? Last season, on November 19, 2021, he scored his first Ligue 1 goal against Lille, the first and only goal, because on that day he also injured his left knee, which led to surgery (for the anterior cruciate ligament). ). As a result, the long distance from the stadium, in particular, is synonymous with the absence of the African Nations Cup with the Senegalese national team, as well as from the play-off matches of the 2022 World Cup.

  • Weekend number: 1

No. 1, represented the first goal in their first Ligue 1 game for Toulouse’s Thies Dalinga and Nice’s Aaron Ramsay, in the tie between “TéFéCé” and Le Gym (1-1), early on Sunday afternoon. The Dutchman from Toulouse was the first to stand out from the 20e Minutes of the match, confirming the hopes placed on him, when he finished first in the Dutch second division last season with 32 goals.

More experienced, Nice new signing Aaron Ramsey, who has struggled in recent seasons since leaving Arsenal, also scored his first Ligue 1 goal, allowing Aiglon’s side to equalize in the 78th minute.e the moment. The juniors shone on Sunday afternoon at the Municipal Stadium.

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