Women's Euro 2022 - France national team: Salma Pasha, the rising side

Women’s Euro 2022 – France national team: Salma Pasha, the rising side

After the start for the Euro as in a dream, with such a broad and convincing success against Italy (5-1), the atmosphere calmed down a bit for a few days on the French side. In addition to announcing the death of goalkeeper Pauline Perod Magnin on the ground, the expulsion of Marie Antoinette Catuto, injured in the victory over Belgium (2-1), Thursday, was hit by a few clouds. The rest of Corinne Deacon’s players have to compete. Who should count on the freshness and bluffs of Selma Pasha, left side Olympique Lyonnais.

You don’t have to get to know her for long to see her big smile, in the park or outside. Yes, you like to laugh.With a big smile on her face, striker Melvin Mallard backed down, once again when asked about her compatriot before the start of the Euros. “She likes to joke, tease, she lives a good life”adds Yves Perisset, who plays on the other side of the tricolor defense. “She makes me laugh, because she says she’s shy, but that’s absolutely not all!”supports Camille Abele, former OL player and now assistant to Sonia Bompastor, who watched Bacha’s hatching closely.

Euro 2022

Deacon post yard and forget everything?

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pasha caviar left foot

“Once you realize, she has a rather big mouth, she likes to widen and it sets a good mood and a good mood”. A feature that a player who will soon turn 22 (you’ll get it on November 9) will be able to put it to good use in the coming days. Not forgetting to also get people talking about it on the ground. Thanks to the opening two victories, with Pasha playing 19 and then 35 minutes, Corinne Deacon was able to rotate against Iceland on Monday (9pm), with the first place in Group D already validated. The date to present 4 functional period in blue to the left side.

Renard: “We have to correct a few things, we tend to hold back a lot”

Even if the coach opts for a new meeting with Sakina Kerchaoui, incumbent and excellent since the start of the Euros, Pasha can still stand a chance because she is also used to walking the entire aisle in Lyon. left. “We made her play more as a winger, in the middle it was more virtual, even if she responded wellCamille Abele says of last season. At one point we lacked a midfielder, and her energy and size, she served us well. She did really well early in the season, and as we had Pearl Moroni, who was there as well, it allowed us to combine the two in the lane and it was really fun. It is worth noting that Salma is able to score goals, as we have seen, she has a very good shot of the ball which can allow her to be decisive, not to mention her quality as a cross. So she is able to play higher.”.

An advantage that clearly did not escape Corinne Deacon, who brought it in in place of Diane in the last match. The one who, as I told Channel Plus, is not “Not installed yet” On the set, France hopes to raise the spirits to take its place. What she managed to do in a 5-star team in Lyon, where she is already preparing to start her sixth season with the club’s professionals in the eighth Champions League.

I have rarely seen such a strong player

This trophy, Pasha has lifted it already 4 times, as a result of too early access to the workforce, which, in its quest for excellence, does not leave much room for young people. But Leon’s habitat is made of another wood: “Although she is very young, I have rarely seen such a strong player.”complements one of her predecessors in the position at Team France, Les Beaulieu. “I already knew her at U20, and went to see her. I just stopped by and totally wanted us to recruit her to PSG because she was a really solid block”she completes. “I didn’t see it in girls frankly”, Confess, succumb, Peresette these days past.

For me, it’s a machine, Done in detail before the competition. She has unbelievable quality in her left foot, and precision in her foot… She is a very good player, and I hope she continues like this to become one of the best left winger players in the world.”Chelsea player cheers. Who still keeps her smallest house from time to time a few years ago, when Perisette was in Lyon, she had coached her when she was getting her coaching diplomas.

“Honestly, I’ve never seen a player this strong in her footadds Camille Abily. She is able, from a corner angle, to put a tight cross into the far post, which is very rare in women’s football. Although she knows she still needs more consistency in her passing, she is able to make great passes and score goals.”the international rejoices with 183 picks, who should be able to capitalize on Bacha much longer since he stretched, during the season, until 2025 with the Fenottes.

Salma Pasha – France – Euro 2022

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Often made fun of by her partners because her mom still packs her soccer bag for her, Salma Pasha shares one thing in common with Kylian Mbappe: Don’t talk to her about age! “I’m still a young player, but I was a kid, and I want people to rely on me outside and on the field.”, she said about last season, where she blew up the screen. She was elected Player of the Month twice in a row at D1 Arkema, where she put in high-level performances, including in the Champions League final, against Barcelona, ​​where her quality was expressed as a completely left-handed heart on serve. The goal is 2-0.

“For her, it’s a reward for all the work she’s done so far. Salma, is a grouchy girl, never giving up. So I’m so happy for her journey so far”says Melvin Mallard, who made their ranks in France’s U-16-23 team, as well as at Olympique Lyonnais, and thus, now, with the seniors. “In the field, I’m a crazy cat who searches, makes an effort, and actually leaves nothing behind”summarizes Pasha, whose messages on social networks are often accompanied by the hashtag Wildcat.

“Battery” for the channel

“I find the Pasha I know. She is capable of anything. She has tremendous potential.”welcomes Gilles Equim, coach of the young French teams, who led the player in particular during the FIFA U-20 World Cup, which was held in Brittany in the summer of 2018. “After that, it’s all about discipline. Not with effort, because she does so much, but just that: being able to perfect her generosity”infuriates the former Girondins de Bordeaux player, who compares Bacha to “the Stack” because of his energy also scattered outside the green rectangles.

Mallard, the future of blue attack with red mat

“She has skill, she’s a little crazy. Sometimes, her madness prevents her from concentrating 100%, I’d say that’s still her little flaw. But it’s also her personality”, says Laure Beaulieu. This could explain, in addition to the competition, the time it took Deacon to present the A pick to Bacha, whose first call took place only in November 2021. “I think it has evolved greatly, Abilly defends her. Salma, I’ve known her for a very long time. Very quickly reached the highest level. She had the opportunity to play at a very young age with Lyon’s first team. There was this opportunity that she knew how to seize at the time, she’s a player who doesn’t ask herself any questions, and has enthusiasm. She has a lot of energy but she moves her channels from year to year, which is a really positive point.”.

Pasha said she was fully focused on making July a historic summer for French women’s football: “We are on a mission, we have goals: to win the Euro, to get more in the hearts of the French”. And for Camille Abele, that will see this good run from number 13: “I think she has something to play for in this France team”She says she is convinced that the link between the bacha and the Karchaoui on the left side can work. No one knows yet if Corinne Deacon will choose that option against Iceland. But the fact remains that, from the bench or in the garden, we must see without forcing her too much into her wide smile or, failing that, the smile of partners that she will make funny.

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