Juventus - PSG Cheat Sheet (1-2): Mini PSG, Maximum Danger

Juventus – PSG Cheat Sheet (1-2): Mini PSG, Maximum Danger

The Game: Two Parisian Eclairs and not many

Despite Neymar’s absence, Christophe Galtier decided to renew the 4-3-1-2 with Carlos Soler as playmaker, but between the Spaniard and the Brazilian, there is a world of difference that Paris could see on Wednesday. Less dominant in the middle and terribly imprecise at the start of the match, the Parisians combine to hurt better in the transition.

Champions League

Giroud, a fireworks display hoping to see Qatar

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In a sequence, Paris put the rhythm to sleep by depriving Juventus of balloons. But this was rare. The old lady was the most active, both technically and physically. PSG retreated, PSG finished but PSG won thanks to their offensive weapons, which are still clinical as ever. That wasn’t enough to secure first place.

Players: Mbappe Football Show

He found his left side, much to the chagrin of his immediate opponents. After a complicated start to the match, Kylian Mbappé scored a nimble goal, between superb hooks and a superb shot. He was the only one who really rocked the coconut tree while Lionel Messi was more of a springboard than a gaming accelerator.

In the middle, everyone, especially Carlos Soler, suffered without an effect, and Renato Sanchez continues to disappoint. Responsible for the Torino goal, Juan Bernat missed his tally, especially since the entry of Nuno Mendes, the top scorer, pressured his shortcomings. On the Juventus side, Adrien Rabiot showed an interesting activity, as did Juan Cuadrado.

Crazy Sequence: When Galtaire learned about Benfica’s score

After Igor Theodor on Tuesday, Christoph Galtier on Wednesday. And while Paris managed to achieve his victory at the end of the match, the Parisian coach was warned of Benfica’s result by his staff and some of his players, among them Marco Verratti, completely surprised by this crazy scenario. Then the Parisian coach rushed onto the pitch to ask his people to attack again. But it was too late.

Paris Saint-Germain Marquinhos, Hakimi and Christophe Galtier finished second in their group in the Champions League group stage.

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Stats: 12

It was twelve consecutive games that PSG failed to keep a clean sheet abroad in C1. Paris even finished this season in the group stage without a clean sheet around the clock. A terrible record for any title contender, even with the best attack in the world.

Picture “Catch Me If You Can”

Federico Gatti tries to stop Kylian Mbappé, Juventus-PSG and Getty Images

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Announcement: Christophe Galtier (Paris Saint-Germain coach)

It is often said that the Champions League does not make sense, we live it tonight. We have 14 points, we beat Juventus twice, and I think it’s the first time a French team has come to win here… We were very happy and then, in the 92nd minute…

Question: Paris cursed or guilty?

Maybe a little bit of both. Christophe Galtier is not wrong in pointing out that the Parisian group role is excellent in accounting and loaded with symbolism unprecedented for French football. With these 14 points, Paris performs better than Real Madrid or Manchester City in the less open pools. Cursed, Paris have crossed paths with Benfica whose team in the draw cannot seem to be underestimated, just like Napoli. Damn, it’s hard to anticipate this crazy scenario, and even more correct it.

But Paris is also guilty. Because this return match against Benfica (1-1) should not have escaped Galtier’s forces. Because his defensive base is not worthy of a real candidate for the final coronation. And because Paris still lacks the controls in the game despite the presence of three unusual stars. If Benfica’s first place is a miracle given the evening before, it rewards a clear philosophy and a collective vision far above that seen in Paris in recent weeks.

Therefore, more often than not, Paris will be able to shake off the misfortune when it approaches a pumpkin that smells of sulfur. But if Gallitter’s men can snatch Real, Manchester City or Bayern in eighth place, it’s not just about karma. Maybe a little soccer too…

“For Paris, you should avoid City and Real Madrid”

Champions League

PSG Notes: Mbappé is bright, Soler in the dark

13 hours ago

Champions League

Galtaire sounded: “We were very happy and then, in the 92nd minute …”

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