Activity Bonus: A Boost With Inflation Bonus This Tuesday! Whose ?

Activity Bonus: A Boost With Inflation Bonus This Tuesday! Whose ?

Activity Bonus: A Boost With Inflation Bonus This Tuesday!  Whose ?

Activity Bonus 2022. An exceptional amount of €28 + €14 per dependent child will be paid on Tuesday, 15 November as part of the inflation bonus. Who has the right to touch it? We evaluate on the eve of the deadline.

[Mis à jour le 14 novembre 2022 à 09h11] Are you a beneficiary of the activity bonus? Remember to take a quick look at this bank account Tuesday 15 November 2022A little surprise may have slipped by. In fact, you will be paid a reward, it simply corresponds to Inflation bonusExceptional government aid granted to combat the rising cost of living (inflation rate 6.2% in October within one year). So you will be able to take advantage of the bonus 28 EUR + 14 EUR For each additional dependent child. Payment is made automatically and through the Family Allowance Fund (sword). If the transfer does not reach your checking account immediately, on the same day of payment, do not panic. Delays may exist depending on your bank, they vary according to banking institutions.

Activity Bonus is an allowance paid monthly by CAF. It targets both employees, the self-employed, civil servants and trainees. Give it conditionally Applicant resources that must not exceed a ceiling (Read below). Activity bonus amount 553 EUR For one person without housing assistance. On average, the recipient receives €160 In month. “The activity bonus is paid every month,” as stated on the CAF website. Activity bonus recipients must declare their income for the previous quarter every 3 months, in the My Account area. or in the Caf-My Account mobile app.

If you are engaged in a professional activity (wage or self-employed) or if you are compensated for partial or technical unemployment and your resources are modest, activity bonus You will supplement your income from professional activity. Activity bonus is paid Per month. Beneficiaries must declare every 3 months Their income for the previous quarter, in the My Account area or in the “Caf-My Account” mobile application. Your CAF will contact you every three months to remind you of this essential step in calculating your rights.. The activity bonus is published to encourage professional activity and support purchasing power, and the activity bonus is distributed by sword or the MSA your oath. Payments are late Between the fifth and seventh of the monthdepending on the deadlines set by your bank.

Activity remuneration relates to all employees (wage or not) and students who receive professional income. The latter is paid monthly and in arrears by sword or the MSA From your late circle, between 5th and 7th of the month (Depending on your bank’s deadlines).

Your personal data is processed by your coffee shop and family branch of Social Security as part of managing your benefits. Some of this information may be sent to Caf’s partners (Cnamts, Pôle Emploi, Provincial Councils, etc.), as part of their assignments.
By Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 78, as amended, regarding data processing, files and freedoms, you have the right to access and correct information about you, which you can exercise. By contacting the manager of your coffee shop, by remotely accompanied by proof of identity.

Note that if you qualify for the Activity Bonus and are benefiting from the Adult Disabled (AAH) benefit, you will have to complete two separate quarterly resource announcements. They are necessary to calculate your rights. The amounts to be declared vary within the same income category: the net taxable amount of AAH, the net amount collected (before deductions and forfeitures) for activity bonus.

In addition to the applicable conditions, you must provide evidence of professional activity to benefit from the activity bonus payment by Café. The activity bonus is paid exclusively to workers who carry on an activity in France. Whether you are French or a foreigner, you can benefit from it if you are an employee, a private business owner, a disabled worker, a farmer or a student, an apprentice and an apprentice if you earn more than 950 euros on January 1, 2022.

Conversely, you will not be able to get the activity bonus if you are a certain worker who is temporarily active in France, on parental leave for education, or on sabbatical leave, without pay or when available, unless you receive income from the activity. If you are a student or trainee and receive a monthly income equal to or less than 78% of the net minimum wage, it will also not be possible to claim payment of activity bonus by Café.

To claim the reward for the activity, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions, these are:

  • Being over 18
  • Live in France permanently
  • Practicing a professional activity or obtaining compensation for partial or technical unemployment
  • Be French, a national of the European Economic Area, Switzerland or a national of another country and have resided in France regularly for at least 5 years

Conversely, you will not be able to benefit from the activity bonus in the following cases:

You are a dispatched worker working temporarily in France

You are on parental leave for education or sabbatical without pay or subject to availability

You are a student or intern and have an income equal to or less than €982.48 per month

If you depend on the General Scheme (Caf), you must apply for the Activity Bonus online. After your file has been checked by Café Services, you will receive a notification of assignment for 3 months. The reference period is the quarter of the year prior to the quarter in which you receive the activity bonus. The amount paid to you is fixed for 3 months, and does not take into account changes in your household resources. If you receive a decision to refuse the assignment, you can file an appeal. The same if you spend from the Agricultural Scheme (MSA).

How do I apply for the Activity Bonus? simulation

It is possible to check your eligibility and estimate, if necessary, how much activity bonus you can claim. To do this, go to the simulator published on the CAF website. You must enter several pieces of information: your zip code, date of birth, whether you received a professional income, your family status, or your status (private employer, private employer, student, intern, intern, or employee or otherwise), or your income (before direct debit from the source). Be careful though: the amount this emulator will show you is only indicative estimate. The amount that will be awarded to you after your order may vary.

The lump sum, corresponding to the basic amount of social benefit account, from the activity bonus up to €553.71 per month since April 1. Obviously, the amount varies according to the level of resources and the composition of your household, here are other examples:

  • For one person with a dependent child: 830.57 EUR
  • For one person with two dependent children: €996.68
  • For a couple without children: up to 830.57 euros.

The activity reward can be increased depending on the status of the family. The increase in the lump sum was determined as follows:

  • 50% for the first additional person;
  • 30% for each additional person;
  • 40% for each additional person over threee A person, when the family includes more than two dependent children or persons under 25 years of age.

The reward for the activity is calculated taking into account several types of resources: Income from professional activityFrom replacing (unemployment benefits for example), Social benefits, capital income, or heritage. Disability pensions, annuities, military pensions, work accidents and annuities for occupational diseases are also taken into consideration. For salaried employees, students and apprentices, the bonus is calculated based on the income of the last 3 months. Resources should be announced every three months.

Account details are taken into account A fixed amount, equal to 553.71 euros, which varies according to the composition of your familyTo which is added 61% of professional family income. It should be noted that this amount can be increased taking into account the income of each worker. Then it takes into account the resources of the family, as well as any housing package (read above). Account details are as follows:

  • A = (lump sum + bonus + 61% of income) – (family resources + family benefits + fixed-rate housing)
  • B = Lump sum – (income from work + other family resources + family benefits + flat rate housing)

If B is positive, then the activity reward is equal to A – B. If B is negative, then the activity reward is equal to A.

over here income limits For activity remuneration, in relation to persons who have no resources other than earned income. In other words, in a very simple situation where no other aid comes into play, such as housing aid for example:

  • 1792 euros per month : 1 employee without children
  • 2,5001 euros per month : One employee with one child
  • 3764 euros per month : A couple with two dependent children (both parents working)
  • 3,352 euros In month : Couple with two dependent children (only one parent works)

Then, to take advantage of the activity bonus, you must have Income “modest”. The eligibility cap has been set at 1.5 Minimum Wage. Important, it is possible to combine the activity bonus with other assistance, including those distributed by the Family Allowance Fund. Some of this assistance, such as Personal Housing Assistance (APL), is directly incorporated into the account, such as Family Benefits. Others, such as the return to school allowance or the maternity allowance, are not taken into account when calculating the stipend amount.

Regarding housing assistance, more specifically, The Confederation of African Football (CAF) establishes a “housing package” to be added to all household resources. APLs are combined in the form of a flat rate subtracted from the amount of your activity bonus. This housing package has a value of 66.45 euros per person and 132.89 euros for a couple since 1 April. Keep in mind that if you are unemployed and receive a return to work allowance, the amount of this assistance will be deducted from your activity bonus rights.

Students and apprentices can get the activity bonus once they get the professional income. The monthly income must be more than 982.48 euro.

Training bonuses are not considered professional income. So the trainees cannot take advantage of the activity bonus. “To be able to take advantage of the bonus activity, So the trainee must have a sufficiently paid job along with‘, complements the dedicated public service website.

yes. Single parents can benefit from the increase. This is the case when the parent is single, divorced, separated or widowed and has one or more children. The amount can be increased from the month you announce your pregnancy, birth or childcare. Note: This increase can be granted for a period of twelve months. The amount depends on the number of dependent children. The increased lump sum is equal to 128.412% of the basic lump sum. To this is added 42.804% of the basic lump-sum per child”, explains

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