Montpellier country. Exincourt Hyper U: The director and four directors are about to be laid off

Montpellier country. Exincourt Hyper U: The director and four directors are about to be laid off

The series continues at Exincourt’s Hyper U store. Director Karim Soufari and four directors (Editor’s note: Among the hypermarket’s dozens) have been laid off by their boss Jerome Bourget, and called in for an interview ahead of their dismissal next week. Last May, Karim Soufari was on the verge of being fired. The news had moved a large part of the staff, who went on strike, as well as four managers who had put their resignations in the balance. Solidarity allowed the director to return to his position.

The four managers were on strike

Today, the same striking directors are on the verge of being fired from working with the director. The bosses involved, like the unions, are convinced of this: for them, “it is no accident.”

Someone says: “The situation calmed down for 15 days, then stood on our backs.” Everyone denounces some form of harassment that would have started “after the strike”. “When they don’t want someone anymore, they become picky and visualize everything that is wrong to prove us wrong.”

Jerome Burget: “There are huge mistakes”

The version opposed by Jerome Borgett, in which there is no “connection” between the strike and the layoff: “There are grave mistakes that have been made, some of which can go back to the attorney general. There are cases of harassment. We should not listen to these people,” the president comments. He did not want to talk about the reasons for the dismissals, as interviews will take place next week. He evokes “people who want to protect themselves by lighting counterfires.”

One of the unionists replies: “There is nothing, he sets up a whole scenario,” and his attacks are targeted.

“We tried a traditional respite,” says one of the managers. And one unionist adds: “But he said no, he felt betrayed, his goal was to punish.”

“I’m 26 in mass distribution, I don’t have layoffs, I don’t work with the Elders,” fired director Karim Soufari, who was soon to join Jerome Bourget on the issue.

The U . system unit has been alerted

The five laid off also claim that they did not calculate their hours to rebuild the store, after a “complex” start, conjuring up “20 days in a row in December during the holidays”, or an “80-hour week.” “But we don’t regret it, we learned a lot about ourselves during this time,” says one of the managers. These efforts seem to have partially paid off: “Initially, it was a disaster, but the economic situation has gradually improved since 2021,” says Karim Sofri.

The news this time did not ignite a blow. “Employees are not calm,” comment unions, which say they have “warned the U-central system” about the situation.

Heavy context for two years

These pre-dismissal interviews are part of a context specific, at Hyper U. The union (CGT, CFDT, FO) has been condemning for several months the pressure or even harassment of employees who have been pushed toward the exit. Especially against the “casino”. As a reminder, President Jerome Bourget, President of Super U at Audincourt, bought the Géant Casino supermarket two years ago, to pass it on under the Hyper U brand, a major investment of six million euros. It then takes over almost all of the employees (nearly 130). Small details, the casino collective agreement, the unions explained, was more useful than in the United States. The unions denounced an act of undermining the “casino”, which was confirmed to us on condition of anonymity by about fifteen people, still in the mail or gone. With, in the key, the warnings distributions. Sometimes resulting in layoffs, layoffs, or sick leave. At present, the number of “casino” will be 45 out of a hundred employees of the store. Jerome Bourget defended “we are not fortunate enough to be warned”. Provoking “culture shock” and “resistance to change” in the face of new methods.


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