Black Friday iPhone: the start of the week that can't be missed
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Black Friday iPhone: the start of the week that can’t be missed

Black Friday iPhone: the start of the week that can't be missed

Huge iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 12 deals have been posted by a few online retailers during the week of Black Friday. For Black Friday 2022, which is due this Friday, we’re already off to a very good start.

Every year, we find it harder to believe: Black Friday 2022 continues on Monday, November 21st, when Black Friday isn’t quite yet. Since last weekend, online merchants have been piling up the first offers, stamped with “Black Friday week,” as if announcing the best on D-Day, next Friday, November 25th. But you’ll read it here first: In fact, the bulk of the promotions are already online, and you probably shouldn’t expect much more on Black Friday. Apple’s iPhones are a perfect example of this: the iPhone 13 is already available for less than €800 on Monday and even less than €750 in its mini version on Rakuten (see offers below).

iPhone 12 also sold for well under 600 euros according to dealers and Black Friday “deals”. In our always updated picks below, you’ll even find deals on the latest iPhone 14, even if they’re still very limited, due to the release schedule. The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE should appeal to smaller budgets with prices sometimes dropping below €300.

The best iPhone prices

We decided to constantly monitor the prices of several iPhones throughout Black Friday. Here are the Apple smartphones that you should not lose sight of in our opinion. The prices below are the lowest with our partners, and updated regularly:

Promotions detailed by model:

iPhone 14 iPhone 13 iPhone 12 iPhone 11 iPhone SE

Black Friday is traditionally held a few weeks after the release of the latest iPhone. It is difficult, therefore, to sell the largest novelty on the market so quickly. Therefore, the iPhone 14 should not benefit from promotions directly related to the event. A few iPhone 14 SKUs are currently enjoying promotions, including on sites like Rakuten, which has been offering some price cuts on the latest iPhone since its release.

In Sosh, the iPhone 14 also finds an attractive price, with a reduction of 40 euros on the 128 GB version for customers subscribing to a package with the operator and up to 100 euros more by exchanging an old smartphone through Click & Collect. Enough to drop the latest iPhone at €879 instead of €1019 even before Black Friday. The offer is valid until November 30th.

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What are the iPhone 13 deals for Black Friday?

Let’s start with the iPhone 13, because it’s on last year’s model that it will be running most of Black Friday 2022. For example, it’s already offered at €849 instead of €909 on the Fnac side and can be found for less than €800 on Rakuten. SFR also offers the iPhone 13 starting at €199 (+€8 per month for 24 months) with the subscription to a 150GB 5G package. The mini version, which was discontinued this year, can be found with the iPhone 14 for even less.

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What are the iPhone 12 deals for Black Friday?

After the iPhone 12 has been on the market for more than two years, the offers on Apple’s smartphone are getting more numerous and more generous this Black Friday. On the Fnac side, the refurbished iPhone 12 5G with 64GB comes in at just under €600 or €100 off. Amazon offers iPhone 12 Mini 128 GB White at 639 euros, at a discount of 100 euros. It is also advertised at the same price in green (see offer). But Rakuten still offers the lowest prices.

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What are the Apple iPhone 11 deals on Black Friday?

One of the most awaited phones during Black Friday is the iPhone 11. The device is always enjoying promotions during the event, and sometimes even before the start of the famous Black Friday. Despite being released several years ago, the iPhone 11 is still an excellent phone that can often be reached with price cuts. The iPhone 11 should remain a safe bet, available at a lower price point this year. On Fnac, the iPhone 11 6.1-inch Dual SIM with 128 GB is available at 569 euros, the 64 GB version is even cheaper.

What are the deals on iPhone SE during Black Friday?

As we’ve already seen, Apple and especially its resellers don’t hesitate to lower the prices of mid-range iPhones during the holiday season. These iPhones still have the advantage of integrating the key technologies of the latest models in an older format. Even a refurbished iPhone SE costs less than 300 euros at Fnac.

Is Apple Still Cautious During Black Friday?

Over the past few years, Apple has relaxed a bit in terms of promotions especially on Black Friday, which the Apple brand has been slow to adhere to. But the Cupertino company is generally content with discount vouchers of a few tens of euros in the process. On the other hand, a near-historic agreement, signed between Apple and Amazon a few years ago, has succeeded in bringing iPhones entirely to the largest participating merchant on Black Friday. So Apple fans or consumers looking for a high-performance smartphone at a lower price point should pay attention. Various offers can be available at various specialty retailers. It will be a must to scrutinize the iPhone deals for Black Friday 2022 in order not to miss any good deals!

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