Amazon is happy for the French to start the school year by emptying their stock of video games!
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Amazon is happy for the French to start the school year by emptying their stock of video games!

Good plan news Amazon is happy for the French to start the school year by emptying their stock of video games!

The largest online sales site is currently offering an amazing series of promotions on many titles on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and many other platforms!

Amazon lowers the price of many video games!

If there is a site that is globally known for online sales, it is Amazon. The latter regularly offers flash sales, promotional periods and deep discounts on many products.

And for now, Amazon wants to celebrate the occasion in France. In fact, at the beginning of the school year, the site offers several promotions. But this is not just about school supplies. In fact, on Amazon we find great discounts for a whole series of video games.

And there, we’re talking about hits and featured games that have earned the acclaim of the niche press (including JV)!

Take advantage of video game offers on Amazon

PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, the biggest hits are here!

There are many games in this collection that previously shined. If you want to fill your library with new titles, now is the time to get started!

We’ve handpicked a small selection of the notable titles featured in this promotional series:

  • Ori and the Blind Forest, 19/20 : Hats off, Moon Studio. Ori and the Blind Forest is a marvel, a standout title in the genre that all gamers should play…and non-players, for that matter. Melancholy, bitter and full of sweet desperation, the game seduces not only by its perfectly elaborate gameplay but also by its artistic dimension and touching and ambiguous being. However, this children’s story turns out to be a complex and demanding title, which should satisfy many hardcore gamers and other fans of fast running, thus reaching a very broad goal … especially since the game, by chance, is not exclusive to the Microsoft console and is therefore available Anyone, provided you have a PC or an Xbox 360 (when available on Microsoft’s second console, sometime in 2015). A creativity full of wit, clever and utterly beautiful, we will sadly leave it once the adventure is over. After this trip, your usual toys will look very nice.
  • Disco Elysium, 19/20 : There is still a lot to be said about Disco Elysium. In many ways, it’s a great game. With simply dazzling writing, and a high-flying art direction and principle, inherited from the foundations of terribly unconventional paper role-playing games, the ZA/UM title is an incredible experience that will leave you on the heat-resistant tiles of lengthy games where battles are settled by throwing dice. But others, who feed on Planescape Torment and other old school Fallout will find there is a modern RPG, in no way outdated, clever and of unprecedented intensity, where making bad decisions or simply failing remains a valid way to lead the game’ investigation. Disco Elysium Definitely essential in the niche it evolves and provides a delightful sense of embodiment.We could see the birth of a very large studio in the future.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, 18/20 : The bet seemed risky, but it worked. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers an amazing blend of all of the saga modes, managing to juggle the stages of wilderness raids on one side and infiltrate the heart of the horde on the other, without it seeming that one of its sub-systems doesn’t suffer from it. This approach is multifaceted. A great achievement comes with an adventure rich in exciting sub-stories, also backed by well-integrated immersive exploration and development systems. On the other hand, despite the high-quality modeling and the presence of a 4K/60fps set on the new generation which makes it the best version of the game, the title still lacks the finish and accumulates small bugs (path detection, script, collisions). Definitely not really an issue, they can still temporarily kick you out of the experience due to its recurrence and hopefully it will go away or at least be reduced with the next updates. In short, if it revamps the epic experience enough with a rich, functional overall design and approach that would delight fans in the first hour, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also retains some of the scars from its predecessors that keep it from shooting a bit. .
  • Far Cry 6, 16/20 : We can admit without difficulty that Far Cry 6 is a successful adventure, warm and in the context of previous episodes: If the script proves effective and tells us that a fun revolution we have to go through, the latter is not the best This new episode with strange settings, remains in the structure The traditional series. Some real new features don’t drastically change the experience either; But the end result is no less fun, though not surprising: so we end up with a very effective production, reviving the saga’s grotesque vibe and bolstering it with some commendable effort in terms of narrative. A solid far cry, no doubt.
  • Republic Riders, 15/20 : If the Riders Republic may disappoint Steep fans (the title takes the spirit of the 2016 game upside down), this new production remains a must-have for all thrill seekers. With several playable sports disciplines, from cycling that offers exhilarating sensations, its exotic world, and its many modes available both solo and online, the latest production from Ubisoft Annecy will undoubtedly keep you occupied over time.

Take advantage of video game offers on Amazon

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