Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!
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Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

Game news Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

Last night was the famous Game Awards, which reward video games released over the past year. On this occasion we dealt with announcements but also with new information on already known titles. Among them, Final Fantasy XVI did not miss the call and we invite you to take a tour of what was revealed during the night.


  • PS5 exclusive not to miss this summer?
  • New discoveries about history?
  • Collector’s Edition lives up to expectations?

PS5 exclusive not to miss this summer?

Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

That’s it, after many predictions and even a recent leak, we finally know the Final Fantasy XVI release date. See you next June 22nd Discover the world of Valisthéa and the adventures of Clive Rosefield exclusively on PS5. If we could see mention of a PC version during the first trailers for the game, we’ll have to wait before we can play the new episode of the Final Fantasy saga on media other than PlayStation. If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, we also remind you that pre-orders for the title open December 12th at 7pm Paris time.

New discoveries about history?

Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

So the Game Awards was an opportunity to watch An exclusive trailer for Final Fantasy XVI which is called This Time revenge. A fairly complete trailer, as it allows you to discover new elements of the story as well as enjoy new gameplay images. And so the video begins with Joshua, the heir to the Duchy of Rosaria, who is murdered under the watchful eyes of his brother and game protagonist Clive, an event we’ve already seen many times. We are then entitled to a series of sequels depicting our hero in the process of wielding the power of the Primordials, names given to famous summons in the FFXVI universe that play a major role in the plot. Battles ensue as these overpowered creatures are unleashed, as Clive asserts that revenge is what really motivates him in a voiceover, as he encounters a mysterious masked man. But The big surprise of the trailer is in particular when we see that Clive is caught between the claws of Garuda and that he then transforms into Ifrit to free himself. If we suspected him of being capable of such a feat, this passage confirms our impressions.

Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

After a small battle between the primitives, We find out that our hero is accompanied by two more fighters and a dog. If this sequence is nothing like it, it shows us that Final Fantasy XVI will feature a host of characters At certain times as in all games of the saga, with the difference that only Clive is playable for the duration of the adventure and that the other games are controlled by AI. However, we can give them orders. Thus, on the right, we find Jill Warrick, a young woman who grew up alongside Clive and Joshua in the Duchy of Rosaria when she came from the northern regions. Her presence in a foreign country is explained by her desire to maintain peace between the two countries and as an adult, she appears to be an emissary of Ice Primordial Shiva. To the left we discover a man whom we had seen until then only from behind, Certain sidulphus telamone. You’ll get it, it’s about the famous Cid of this episode, a recurring character name that can be found in all saga games since the second. He appears to fight with two swords, but also be a Primordial Lightning Emissary Ramuh. A direct nod to Final Fantasy Tactics which also included Cid being able to wield lightning like a god. Finally, Clive is accompanied by his dog, Torgal, to whom he can issue commands. Back to the video, they all unleash their abilities on what appears to be an ice dragon.

Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

In the rest of the trailer, we see Clive use the power of Bahamut and then Odin with awesome attacks, before spotting a stunning sequence. Our hero encounters another Ifrit and transforms himself into an Ifrit to confront him. Next, we’re entitled to some clips where Clive explores the world, petting Torgal, but also fighting alongside Jill. Another surprising moment, our adult hero finds Joshua and breaks down crying, while his little brother was supposed to have died when he was younger. We later learn that it has been thirteen years since he began his quest for revenge. The trailer concludes with Clive transforming back into Ifrit to take on the primordial Titan on Earth, before the trailer ends with our hero leaping towards the camera. If the video is informative, recent communications from Square Enix about the game tell us more. According to the official description of the title found on the Square Enix store, Our hero will seek to destroy the mother crystal of every nation in Valisthea that allows the use of magic And Syed will be his partner. Thus, we can assume that by reducing the crystals to nothing, Clive regains part of the primordial powers associated with the latter. But as to his motives, it must have a hitherto unknown connection to his quest for revenge.

Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

In a press release, we also have confirmation Clive seeks revenge on the dark primal Ifrit, who seems to have something to do with the death of his young brother Joshua.. And so we can think that the man in the hood that we see in the trailer will be precisely his envoy. But then, how do we explain Clive being able to transform into an Ifrit? Until then, nothing is certain, but the hypothesis goes that our hero could have caused his brother’s involuntary death due to the evil primal he was going to play. Finally, another interesting theory comes to us from a Twitter user named Cosmo Canyon Observatory related to the mark on Clive’s face. If you remember correctly, our hero sometimes has a tattoo on his left cheek when he’s an adult, but not always. This is explained by the fact that Final Fantasy XVI’s story takes place over three different time periods and that there are ellipses between each successive: when he was a teenager in his twenties and thirties. It seems that when Clive wears this mark on his face in his twenties, it means he is part of a group of mercenaries or soldiers and the tattoo seems to indicate that he cannot refuse an order. Why did you make this decision? At the moment, we don’t know anything about it, but it’s very likely that it’s all connected to his quest for revenge.

Collector’s Edition lives up to expectations?

Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

In addition to its release date and this media trailer, Final Fantasy XVI also took advantage of the event to reveal its various versions. Without too many surprises, we first find the standard edition that includes the game with the cool jacket that you can see opposite that was also presented last night. If you pre-order, you will be able to take advantage of two bonuses, namely the Cait Sith charm, an accessory that allows you to earn more Gils, as well as the Braveheart sword. Nice little extras that make the adventure easier, but aren’t essential either. But if you pre-order on the Square Enix website, you will also receive the Six Banners of the Kingdoms of Valisthea as a bonus. at the current hour, The price of the game is 79.99 euros on the publisher’s store.

Final Fantasy 16: Find out everything you missed in the Game Awards Trailer!

Next to the standard we find the deluxe version which is obviously more generous. In addition to the basic game, We are entitled to a hardcover book with exclusive artwork by Clive, a texture map of Falisthia, a mini artbook and a mini digital soundtrack for the total price of €109.99., is still in the Square Enix Store. But of course, the edition that catches everyone’s attention is the Collector’s Edition, the price of which is not yet known and which holds a large number of items. To give you an idea, the latter is sold in Japan for 38,500 yen, which is about 267 euros. It remains to be seen what will happen officially. In addition to everything that is in luxury, The collector adds a statue to the fight between Ifrit and the Phoenix which is depicted in the title logo. If the bust is huge, you can take a look at the level of detail in the photos below. But that’s not all, because we’re also entitled to a set of metal badges from the Primordials for the game, as well as a downloadable in-game Blood Sword, an iconic weapon from the series that ties in specifically with the character of the Primordials. fiery personality From Final Fantasy II. So we just have to wait until next week to find out the price of this ambitious version.

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