She found out her boyfriend is cheating on her... thanks to Alexa speaker
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She found out her boyfriend is cheating on her… thanks to Alexa speaker

news devices She found out her boyfriend is cheating on her… thanks to Alexa speaker

Amazon’s Alexa Assistant is used for so many things, but we didn’t think we could use it to detect the rose bowl between a mate and a stranger. A true story told by a woman on TikTok.

Alexa speakers are becoming increasingly popular

Alexa is one of the most successful voice assistants, and he (or she) Able to respond to a myriad of requests Only his voice. This is done via a connected speaker, an increasingly popular product in homes in France and around the world.

All of these devices sell for very little and sell in the thousands, which is a bargain for Amazon. It is a gateway to start ordering products on Amazon, with a simple verbal request, to receive your packages within one business day with Amazon Prime. traditional.

Voice recognition is very advanced, and it is getting better day by day. In contrast, Alexa seems to have A function that few people know about, but it can reveal many things.

Boyfriend is cheating on her, she finds out in Alexa speaker settings

The story is very strange. Jessica Loman is currently single and has good reason to cut ties with her ex-boyfriend. Jessica has an Alexa speaker in her house, where she lived with her ex-boyfriend.

One day, when she was bored, Jessica was browsing the Alexa app and came across her The “Audio Record” tab. Yes, Amazon’s smart speaker records all your requests to it all the time. It is not only in text form. The app stores your voiceover from when you pronounce the word “Alexa”.

It’s not very well known, but it allowed Jessica to discover vocalizations of a female voice that didn’t match her own, and to make requests to Alexa, in her home. We can see and hear it in this TikTok video where Jessica shows us her heartbreaking discoveries.

We can see several recordings where an apparently unknown woman asks Alexa to play a song for her. Then her ex-boyfriend in turn asks to turn up the volume. Other requests are made, Which proves by A + B that half of it was already in the presence of another woman.

When he was caught in flagrante delicto, we didn’t expect that a calling speaker could serve justice as Alexa did in this specific case. You can see in the video where the respective tab is located to view the latest recordings.

This makes us think of another, more serious case this time, which occurred two years ago. In a murder case in Germany, 54-year-old man watched his ex-girlfriend strangle all these cleverly designed fake Alibis break down by two Alexa recordings Which Amazon explicitly offered as part of the deal, proving he was there on that fateful day.

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