The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!
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The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

Game news The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

As you know, the first PlayStation is currently celebrating its 28th anniversary! To celebrate, why not mention the worst bosses on Sony’s legendary console? So here they are – right away – the creatures that surely still haunt your nightmares.

“Emerald Weapon” (Final Fantasy VII)

The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

Obviously, when we talk about the most difficult bosses on PS1, it is impossible not to mention the Final Fantasy license and more precisely its most cult episode, Final Fantasy VII. And as we say with Square Enix’s flagship RPG, the large optional monsters are more complex than those in the main adventure. This is where the famous “emerald weapon” comes into play! Along with her boyfriend “Ruby Weapon”, the two are “super boss” From the section devoted to Cloud and Sephiroth. their goal? Protect the planet from threats other than those of Shinra. Protection hell… The Emerald Weapon is – nothing more, nothing less – the most powerful boss in Final Fantasy VII, with a protection of 1 million HP. Good luck overcoming such a sweet life handicap.

“Weapon Omega” (Final Fantasy VIII)

The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

We continue with another superhero boss, still from the popular Square Enix RPG. This time, Final Fantasy VIII Direction, released in October 1999 on PlayStation. Have you ever heard of the “Omega Weapon”? An overpowered creature, which is more frequent in the “FF” saga. In Episode VIII, it can be found near the castle “Ultimecia”, the last dungeon from the adventure. Yes, what is the best location for the most complex creature in Final Fantasy VIII? If you come across him Level 100the Omega weapon can exceed 1 million life points, so good luck defeating it… Moreover, in the game, those who manage to do so receive the Proof of Omega, describing them as “the best fighter in the world”.

“Ozma” (Final Fantasy IX)

The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

Go leaps and bounds, one last one of the road on the Final Fantasy side with the ninth game, Final Fantasy IX. It is Ozma, the super boss who requires, in advance, to progress through a rather long side quest. Compared to the Emerald and Omega Weapon, maybe not much – but Ozma is known for his very own design (a colored ball) and for his his “meteor” attack, capable of dealing 9999 damage to the entire team, at once … The damage from this person remains randomly generated, but you have to understand that it’s not necessarily fun, once in the heat of the action. Like Weapon Omega, Ozma has had the right to “cameo” in other games in the series, including Final Fantasy XIV. In other words, there is really enough to lose the ball.

“Guildenstern 2” (Vagrant Story)

The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

We stay in the “vibe” of Final Fantasy because the next game is being developed by the studio behind Final Fantasy Tactics. Experts already have it (like those who read the title of this part) It’s Vagrant Story, an RPG released in 2000 on PlayStation! Once not familiar with Square, this time we will talk about the final boss, which is Guildenstern, in his second form … In this being, the creature looks like some kind of monstrous angel. There is no doubt that he is evil, the proof is “666” hit points And the magic points that he possesses. True, that doesn’t seem like much compared to the previous bosses on this list, but in Vagrant Story, there’s a lot more. Good luck beating it, otherwise you won’t be able to experience the end of Square’s popular RPG.

“The Enemy” (Resident Evil 3)

The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

We leave the world of role-playing games to take care of the action, more specifically in Resident Evil 3. The attacker we are going to talk about appears on the cover and title of the game. Nemesis, another experiment carried out from Virus-T, with the goal of proving that the creature could have a superior form of intelligence. The least we can say is that it’s from 1999 on the PS1, that’s the way it is. One is He often follows you everywhere With a rocket launcher in hand. Second, you’ll have to encounter it more than once before the grand finale… an epilogue that can be somewhat complicated, given the size of the creature, its final form, and a mechanism that needs to be activated. In general, you will have to face your fears to overcome the horrible, apocalyptic monster.

The 6 hardest bosses in PS1!

We leave in style, with one of the most worshiped bosses in video game history! yes! So, you know psycho mantis? He is one of the great enemies of Metal Gear Solid – the famous action hacking program that Hideo Kojima personally directed. Unique discount, able to Read your thoughts. Yes yes, if you’ve played Castelvania for example, well he knows! How ? Magic? Back then, this manager could literally “read” the data from your PS1 to confirm these things. To break his mental connection, you must, in fact, plug the console into the second port provided for this. If you don’t have the trick, you’re missing out in advance: Psycho Mantis knows your every move as soon as you input it on the PS1 controller.

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