Covid-19, influenza, bronchiolitis: a week from Christmas, where is the triple epidemic?

Covid-19, influenza, bronchiolitis: a week from Christmas, where is the triple epidemic?

A man wears a face mask as he walks past a Covid-19 screening center in Nantes, western France, on July 16, 2022. LOIC VENANCE/AFP

As the holidays approach, the three viruses continue to spread in France.

Christmas is coming. While the school holidays began on Friday, three respiratory viruses are still circulating: COVID-19, influenza and bronchiolitis.

Where are these three epidemics in the country? Le Figaro make a point.

COVID-19: Peaked…just for pollution?

On the Covid-19 side, the peak seems to have been reached. At least at the level of new pollution. As of December 16, the latest data published by Public Health France, an average of 57,849 new cases have been confirmed over seven days, down 2.21% compared to the previous day and 4.01% over one week. This number has decreased since December 13th.

As a reminder, a smooth average over seven days makes it possible to compensate for days when fewer tests are performed, such as Sundays, and thus to have a better view of the dynamics of the epidemic.

The positivity rate for PCR and antigen tests is also declining. From 28.66 positive Covid-19 tests for the 100 tests conducted on December 5, that rate increased to 26.88% on December 13. “What we’re seeing nationally is a slight decrease in positivity»And the He noted this Friday with Agence France-Presse Nicolas Methy, an expert in public health France, during a news conference.

In hospitalization, the main variable the government uses to decide whether or not to take restrictive measures, the numbers keep rising. As of December 16, 24,173 people have been hospitalized for Covid-19, up 9.57% in one week but only 0.20% in one day. Among them, 1,393 were in intensive care or intensive care on December 16, up 17.35% over one week and 1.38% over the previous day. “The number of new hospitalizations for Covid-19 patients continues to increase»And the Friday explained Nicola Methe.

On average over seven days, 101 people have died of Covid-19 in hospital as of December 16. He was 75 years old on December 10th.

High hospital admissions due to influenza

This year, the flu also came to the table. epidemic”Earlier than in previous years and the increase is very fastEpidemiologist Sybil Bernard Stocklin of France’s Public Health insisted to AFP on Friday. According to her, there is no evidence at the moment that the virus was more dangerous than it was in previous years. All urban areas are now in the epidemic stage.

According to the latest weekly epidemiological bulletin published for the 49th week by Public Health France on December 14, 6,569 people went to the emergency room for an influenza-like illness in the week from December 5 to 11, 2022 (+93% in one week). Among them, 654 were hospitalized (+117% in 1 week).

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Perhaps the peak of bronchiolitis has reached

In the latest weekly epidemiological bulletin published for the 49th week on December 14, the French Public Health Authority indicated that 6,626 children under the age of two – the age group most affected by this epidemic – were hospitalized. It was 8552 in the previous week (down from 1926 items). The rate of bronchiolitis emergency room visits of 10,000 emergency room visits for children under two years of age, the reference used by the French public health authority, is also declining.

In the past week, authorities have noticed a decrease in emergency room and hospitalization visits,”Signing of a highly probable passage from the peak of the epidemicThe epidemic of bronchiolitis has reached a 10-year hospital record.

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