If you have a small piercing above your ear, here's what it means

If you have a small piercing above your ear, here’s what it means

Physiologically, we all have certain traits that set us apart. These are small details that you do not necessarily notice at first glance. But, if nothing escapes you, you’ve probably noticed that some people have a very small hole above their ears. You may have one yourself. How do you explain its existence?

From a distance, this piercing can easily be mistaken for a scar, puncture or birthmark. But this is not the case. However, it has a very specific meaning. We will unravel the mystery of this physical curiosity that remains so rare.

What does this small hole in the ear mean?

The sinuses in front of the ear

Sinuses in front of the ear – Source: spm

This hole was known as the pre-auricular sinus or preoperative fistula, and this hole was carefully studied by the German scientist Van Heusinger in 1864, who declared it to be a congenital malformation that occurs during the early stages of fetal development. Then he was the first to bend over this strange opening that lies at the junction where the cartilage of the ear meets the face. The researcher could have identified it as a “genetic anomaly”. So, if you hold this hole in your ear, your offspring will likely inherit it as well. So check out the mirror, if you have one!

Could this piercing cause health risks?

According to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, this” The fossa is basically a sinus channel that travels under the skinBut, generally without consequences. This anomaly, which can occur in both ears, is not related to hearing loss. However, there have been extremely rare cases where it has been associated with a genetic syndrome. The hospital states that a A baby born with a hole in front of the ear will be checked for other abnormalities to rule out any possible syndromeBecause although the sinuses in front of the ear are generally harmless, they can lead to infection or benign cysts if bacteria get into them. In such cases, proper care and antibiotics will eliminate the infection. If the condition worsens, he may choose The person undergoes surgery to remove the hole permanently to avoid any complications.

good to know : This type of anomaly is very rare. For example, in the United States and the United Kingdom, only one person out of every hundred is affected. This number is slightly higher in other parts of the world, such as Asia and Africa, where 4-10% of people are affected.

Is this a sign of evolution?

Ear without pockets in front of the ear

Ear without pockets in front of the ear – Source: spm

Although researchers usually classify this sinus in front of the ear as an anomaly, there is an interesting theory put forward by paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Neil Shubin. This work, published on the Business Insider information site, reveals unexpected arguments. The American scientist explains that a small hole can be ” Evolutionary remains of fish gillsHis argument stems from the theory of evolution, according to which humans and fish share a common ancestor that is said to have lived millions of years ago. A strange theory shared by other scientists.

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