They check the sounds under their beds and finally understand what's going on!

They check the sounds under their beds and finally understand what’s going on!

A young couple has been looking for a home together for several months now. Recently, they found one that makes them happy. At first, everything is going well, the house is as they want. However, after some time, they hear Strange noises under their bed. What they find there will surprise you.

suspicious noises under the bed

In Western society, owning a home together is the starting point for a couple. Our two love birds have reached this very important milestone. In fact, lovers found The perfect warm nest To feel at home and possibly expand their family. This was their first real estate purchase and they were really happy: the house was perfect according to them.

Maybe it’s not perfect, because it seems like very strange sounds are coming from the ground. did they check every corner From their home before moving? Is it a hidden animal or even a ghost? The couple began investigating to actually determine the source of the noise. After careful research, they discovered that the noise was coming from under the couple’s bed. This says, Much to their surpriseThere is nothing under the bed. Where is the exact source of this noise?

What did they find under the bed?

Even if they don’t see anything, the noise continues and becomes stronger and stronger. The pair are conducting a second, more extensive research. In the end, they found a magical door. Confused about what can happen from there, they do not dare to open it and decide to contact a professional. The latter is called Jeff Horchoff.

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It wasn’t long before Horchhoff arrive at the place. He doesn’t know it yet, but he will keep the memories of the surgery he will have soon. Nobody knows yet what is under the hatch, but a true professional always takes precautions. He wore a mask and a uniform that covered his entire body.

He opens the hatch and to his surprise, he discovers a honeycomb. These insects manage to sneak into the house through a small hole in the foundation of the floor of the house. The specialist deposits the object that Like a beehive on the earth. The young couple was surprised and relieved to finally discover what was hiding under their bed.

Bees are useful insects. In Louisiana, they are part of the protected fauna. So they must take care of it to prevent the decimation of this colony. to do this, A new cell is a must. This isn’t Jeff Horchhoff’s first, plus the idea of ​​a free-range honey motivated him.

Precise transfer

To ensure these bees survive and ensure a good night’s sleep for our lovebirds, the bees must be moved. the couple build a new house for them. Horchhoff knows a lot about insects, and he knew that this type of transportation stresses bees a lot. He knew that to accept this transition, of course, the queen would have to stay with the worker bees.

So the specialist allowed the queen to fly close to the new hive, and she settled in the middle. Then the worker bees followed him. Beekeeping is carried out without problems. The couple can be proud to take part in saving the bee colony! Especially since they will have now Free honey source in their garden.

Why should bees be protected?

FYI, don’t forget that bees exist beneficial insectsAnd they are responsible for pollination. All the fruits and vegetables we eat that give us strength are pretty much plants that need pollination. Not forgetting that honey is a very useful product in our daily life.

According to IUCN research, 84% of human plant production Depends on vaccination By bees and bumblebees. So without bees, we wouldn’t have much to eat.

However, these beneficial insects are currently in danger. Varroa mites, also known as bee lice, threaten the survival of honey bees worldwide. Who says a threat to the life of bees? A threat to the survival of the human race.

If you find a bee or beehive, remember to protect it well, as the couple did. Nowadays, there are several ways to obtain honey without destroying or killing one bee In short, it protects insects.

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