Loto FDJ result on Wednesday 21st September 2022: Today's draw gave its results

Loto FDJ result on Wednesday 21st September 2022: Today’s draw gave its results

The week progresses and the lotto jackpot escalates slightly with a stake of €3 million on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. Indeed, despite the correct participation in the previous drawing on Monday, September 19, none of the networks played managed to find all the winning lotto numbers. On Wednesday you will be able to play on this new evening and possibly win your share of €3 million. The full result will be announced from 8:50 p.m. on Tirage-Gagnant.com.

Update from 09/21/22 8:52pm: No new millionaire in Wednesday’s lottery

None of the millions of networks that have been put into operation have reached the target today. After an already unwinnable draw Monday evening, this new Evening Without Millionaire announces a second draw without a ranked winner, enough to allow the prize pool to grow a bit, rising to €4 million as of Saturday 24 September 2022. Of course, among the Networks that are running, hundreds of thousands of winners and you already have the possibility to check your winnings to see if you received a few thousand euros or if your ticket lost.

If the classic draw did not result in any 1st or 2nd place winner, two 2nd draw option players were luckier than the others and each left with a share of the extra cat, winning €50,000. In line with the new Loto rules and the introduction of Loto raffle in 2017, the second raffle option allows La Française des jeux to offer a richer and more dynamic raffle game that also inspires other foreign operators in the form of Loto-Québec and the new 6/49 rules across the Atlantic.

Until today, in addition to the lotto jackpot of 3 million eurosAn additional grand prize of at least €100,000 will be presented. for Play one or more nets for this draw on Wednesday 21st September 2022Here are some steps to follow.

Play the FDJ Loto network online before 8:15 p.m. This Wednesday p.m.

The days pass this September and the fall, scheduled for Friday, is fast approaching. How about winning up to €3 million to make sure you pamper yourself with sunshine this winter on a well-deserved trip?

[highlight »]Play your own Lotto Network in 3 steps:

✅ Log in to the FDJ.fr website (or the FDJ app) or register in a few minutes for free if you haven’t already.

✅ Choose 5 numbers from 49 available numbers plus 1 chance number from 10 possible numbers. The price of a simple Lotto ticket is 2.20 euros, both online and at the point of sale. You can also add a second withdrawal option for an additional 0.80 €.

✅ Check the health of your networks by paying with a credit card. You will be required to have a minimum deposit of €5, but later you can use your bet if you just want to play the Loto network for €2.20.[/highlight]

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The results of the various raffle draws for Lotto FDJ for Wednesday, September 21

The lotto program for Wednesday, September 21st will be the same as usual, i.e. a double draw in parallel.

  • The first draw will trigger the €3 million prize pool About 19 million possible combinations (see Lotto stats). In this winning combination, you will find 5 numbers + 1 chance number.
  • The second draw will put on the line at least 100,000 euros (Depending on the amount of validated bets) About 5 winning numbers. From this draw, you will have a 1 in 2 million chance of winning the jackpot, not to mention the middle ranks.
  • Finally, 10 lotto tokens from the raffle will also be publishedwhich definitely gives 10 winners at a price of 20,000 euros.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Lotto FDJ

What is the lotto kitty amount today?

After an unsuccessful draw on Monday evening, Lotto kitty’s sum is €3 million.

How to locate your Lotto network live online?

Select 5 numbers and 1 chance number to form a simple Lotto combination. The maximum playing time of the Lotto network runs until 8:15 PM. Online or at the point of sale, the price of the Lotto entry will remain set at €2.20. ▶ Play Network Lotto online here

When can we follow the lotto results on Wednesday, September 21?

The winning numbers in the two winning combinations will be available from 8:50 p.m. on Tirage-Gagnant.com. Access to all these results will be free and accessible up to 60 days after the withdrawal.

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