Marrakech du rire: Noel Madani's joke on Rihanna goes badly with Twitter

Marrakech du rire: Noel Madani’s joke on Rihanna goes badly with Twitter

M6 live screenshot / Marrakech laughter

M6 live screenshot / Marrakech laughter

Le Marrakech du rire made its big comeback on Tuesday July 19th on the M6. An evening that disappointed many, after they judged Twitter to be generally weak from a humorous standpoint. If the passing of Noel Madani in the eyes of many raised the bar for the evening, some were shocked by one of his sentences directly related to the case of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Channel M6 broadcast on Tuesday 19 July 2022 the tenth anniversary of Marrakech Deira. A highly anticipated evening three years after this wonderful evening of humor was canceled due to a health crisis. Before welcoming his comedian friends on stage, Jamal Debbouze opened the ball with one song on stage on the same topic: this is how he told the creator of the event how he could no longer support his daughter who sang constantly during confinement, nor the noise. She was born by a son who ate cereal at breakfast time.

Then he restricted the jokes to pollen, Zoom meetings, or even lack of oil that would inspire his mother to create the “I’m Oily” group surviving with his girlfriends in reference to Gloria Gaynor’s tube. On Twitter, this introduction to the master of ceremonies didn’t suit everyone’s taste. While some referred to the “old” humor, others found it too vulgar, noting in particular the multiple “Shut up” that permeate his text. This criticism was formulated again when Jeff Panaclock and then Noel Madani appeared on stage.

video. Discover the image of Jamal Debbouze

The Belgian comedian is back on stage after a long absence corresponding to the birth of his daughter, to present a sketch of her mental pregnancy as a mother and husband. Among other things, she has pinned men trying to wake their mates in the middle of the night with the aim of having sex. “Sleep, I’ll take care of everything… Isn’t that a rapist’s phrase?” Notably fired, while her companion Gabriel Zonga was often photographed in public.

But it is not this raw output that has angered most Internet users. Then Noel Madani recounted her evening at the Oscars with her husband, who was one of the actors in Les Miserables. During a subsequent VIP party, she explained that she saw a woman with a “developed” ass getting dangerously close to her husband. Neither one nor two, she went to insult the person she suspected of wanting to flirt with. But she soon realized that it was the singer Rihanna. Although she admired the star, she had only one desire: to repaint her image. And it was this anger that inspired him to write a shocking sentence: “I’m not Chris Brown, eh, a potato and you don’t sing anymore.”

An outing that left many netizens upset, angry that such news about domestic violence could inspire him to joke. Remember that Chris Brown was convicted of violence against Rihanna, whose swollen face swept the world in 2009.

Fortunately, Noel Madani’s performance, which did not cut short in this controversial reference, was particularly well received by Twitter. The latter were many to judge that it was part of the evening’s best with the evenings of Paul Mirabel and Ellis Jadele. At the site in Marrakesh, his highly marked walkway ended with a standing ovation that paid the young mother to tears. “Cela fait longtemps que je suis pas montée sur scène. Ce métier est dur et j’ai beaucoup douté. La force que vous m’avez donnée-là… Merci beaucoup Marrakech!”, at-elle alors tenu à post. One of the highlights of the evening.

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