Everyday life. Increases in Livret A, Smic...what changes from August 1

Everyday life. Increases in Livret A, Smic…what changes from August 1

We are evaluating the major changes that will take effect next Monday.

Livret A rate goes to 2 %…

After a historic rise in 1Verse February, Livret A bonus rate will increase to 2 % according to the proposal of the Governor of the Bank of France responsible for the calculation of each semester.

This will bring Livret A to its highest level since 2011: It was 2.5 At that time, the percentage had only fallen until it reached the historical low of 0.5 % from 2019 to 2021.

However, this historical rate will not offset inflation, which was measured by INSEE at 5.8 % more than one year in France in June.

… and LEP by 4.6%

Reserved for people whose incomes do not exceed certain ceilings, the People’s Savings Account (LEP) for its part will see its rate increase from 2.2 % at 4.6 %, again as per the proposal of the Bank of France.

Minimum wage at 1329 net euros per month

It’s not just Livret A that will benefit from an increase of 2 %: The minimum wage is also affected, as it was paid automatically due to inflation in June. In addition to the annual re-evaluation of the first In January, the minimum wage during the year was increased by the amount of inflation to 20 Percentage of families with the lowest income if it is more than 2 % compared to the last increase.

Inflation reached 2.01 percentage, so the minimum monthly wage goes to a full-time job”from 1 302.64 Euro to 1 329.06 euroNet said the Ministry of Labor. Minimum hourly wages are changing,”from 8.58 Euro at 8.76 euro“.

This is the fourth increase in Smic in less than a year, and the last happened in the first May, up 2.65 %.

+3.5 % on civil servants payroll but not immediately…

Patience on 5.7 million civil servants: increase 3.5 Their index point percentage will not be visible on the July payment receipt. Due to logistical constraints, the change will only be seen as of August 1, while it is retroactive.

For example, this wage increase should result in a monthly increase of 45 Euros for the welcoming agent at the beginning of his career.

The evolution of the opponent in the pump

The government loves extensions: After the tariff shield, the rebate at pump is 18 cents who benefits from the deferment. While it was due to stop at the end of July, it was finally maintained and will benefit from a two-month increase, thus dropping from 18 to 30 cents a liter in September and October, before dropping to 10 cents in November and December.

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The Scientific Council is no longer

This Sunday, July 31, also marks the end of the state of health emergency, which allows the government to take coercive measures such as restricting travel or imposing standards in public institutions, and with it the disappearance of the Scientific Council.

The latter does not have an official successor at the moment, but it could soon be replaced by a new monitoring, forecasting and advisory body in the face of new health crises.

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