Smic, Fuel, Livret A: Find out what's going to change starting August 1st!

Smic, Fuel, Livret A: Find out what’s going to change starting August 1st!

Each time the month begins, it brings with it its share of changes. So August will be no exception to the rule. Fortunately, these are game increases, but they are to offset inflation. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s coming early next month.

Purchasing Power: Increases

Purchasing Power: The Smic

Good news for all minimum wage workers. In fact, the minimum wage will also Increase early next month. So, the good news or the bad omen of the development of inflation, we prefer not to know. But with inflation getting stronger, it seems the state is compelled to reassess the minimum wage. Without this increase, a large part of the French would not have purchasing power. Thus, on August 1, the rise in the minimum wage will be 2.01%.

Thus, we are moving towards Smic monthly at 1339.06 EUR (or equivalent in local currency). This is currently €1302.64, an increase of €8.58 or €8.76. Although it is not high, it is not an increase for spitting up.

Purchasing power: booklet A rate when increasing

The good news affecting more French people. The rate of return on booklet A will also be part of the increases. In fact, the latter who did not have a very high average would be able to see himself rising quite a bit. Thus, at the beginning of next month, the rate of return on neighborhood A will rise to 2%. And so on Its highest rate in eleven years. This increase is also linked to inflation last June, which was particularly high. But, precisely, this increased rate of return will not be enough to fill the inflation that does not stop growing at the moment. But again, don’t spit on the spikes, no matter how small.

On the other hand, it’s not just Livret A that cares about increments. We also find the brochure on sustainable and solidarity development, which will also reach 2% on the same date. For the famous brochure, the increase is much greater. In fact, from 2.2% to 4.6%. What makes it more interesting than others. But he no longer has enough to fill the gaps 5.8% inflation in June the last.

Fuel pump help

If the basic 18-cent fuel aid or rebate was supposed to end this month, that has been revised. Although the possible increase at the moment is not yet certain, the discount It is well stretched. For the time being, this extra time extends until the end of August with a goal of “Containing the impact of high fuel prices at the pump.” Although no decision is made on what will happen at the beginning of the school year, this discount should at least make it possible damage reduction to the end of this summer.

The end of the state of emergency

In March 2019, in the first custody, a state of health emergency was declared. This state provides rights that affect and limit the basic liberties of citizens. Among them the right to move, the scale in public places, or even cells and covers two. But, After more than 3 yearsThis must be an emergency Expires at the end of the month.

Thus it seems that the scientific council is dissolving. Instead, we can rely on a “committee to monitor and anticipate health risks” if potential situations like the one in 2019 arise again. This means that the government He won’t be able to make rules like wearing a maskNeither Lockdowns or other curfews. The beginning of the page that turns last.

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