BlaBlaCar, the massive car sharing app for this summer

BlaBlaCar, the massive car sharing app for this summer

The platform expects more than 4.5 million passengers this summer. If the drivers are happy, opinions remain mixed on the part of the passengers.

Two years into the pandemic, BlaBlaCar is restarting the hats. The group set out on July 1 on Twitter that it expects more than 4.5 million passengers this summer. In the face of this enthusiasm, some drivers are getting into cars, like Laurent-Emile.

This Belgian tested BlaBlaCar as a passenger during his holidays on the Côte d’Azur and once back in Brussels, he offered his services as a driver. “I just moved to the Belgian capital and felt a bit guilty of owning a car in the city, so I thought I’d pass it on to other people.“, Mentionsed in Figaro. Laurent Emile realizes this, “High fuel prices also played a rolein his recording.

On his first trip, 150 kilometers from Brussels, he leads two young girls to their internship. Then he signed up for BlaBlaCar Daily for his commute from home to work. Within a week, he met someone who lives next door and works in the same city. Laurent-Emile plans to renew the experience with her every Tuesday and Thursday. “For my day trips, my fuel costs were fully covered thanks to BlaBlaCar and my employer’s involvement‘ explains the Belgian.

Discuss service fee

The 23-year-old created a Facebook group two years ago called BlaBlaCar Monde, which has over 1,700 members. assures him,The number of requests to join the group has increased over the past yearLaunched in 2004, BlaBlaCar now has 100 million users in 22 countries, including 20 million users in France. On a Facebook group, many passengers share their itinerary every day, hoping to find a driver. In August ) Next, he will drive Théo between Les Herbiers (Vendée) to Paris, at a price of €32. He hopes not to be alone in his car, especially to meet new people.”I’m a real conversation‘, it was highlighted in Figaro the guy.

On the passenger side, the enthusiasm was less evident. Coleen, 23, has been using BlaBlaCar since 2017 to connect her city of study, Lille, to her family’s home in Le Havre. “By train, there is no direct road, you have to go through Rouen or Paris. Save an hour thanks to BlaBlaCar”, she says. If the trip is usually between 20-26 euros (compared to 40 euros by train), I have noticed significant increases since the beginning of the year. The student regrets itSome drivers are seeking to take advantage of the increase in demand by publishing rides for 50 euros“.For attractive prices, you are advised to book your flight at least.”two weeks ago“.

A specific topic that drives BlaBlaCar riders: the service fee charged by the platform. “On each of my trips, we discuss it with other users“The student noticed an increase of 3 to 7 euros for the same trip, within a few months. BlaBlaCar on their site is still somewhat ambiguous, writing that this fee allows”We help you 7 days a week“, From “Create a safer platform by verifying our members“Based on”We provide you with the best experience throughout the trip. has been calculatedFrom the price set by the driver for his tripIn order to avoid these costs, some users exchange their contacts to avoid going through the platform. It is enough that “Place drag in the order and pay the driver directly from hand to handColin concludes.

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