Fifth. The final of the Grand National du Trot in Vincennes on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

Fifth. The final of the Grand National du Trot in Vincennes on Sunday, December 4, 2022.

Direction Vincennes on Sunday, December 4, 2022 for Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Grand National du Trot finalists will have to compete against each other as starts. The race will be contested for a distance of more than 2850 metres, and an amount of €150,000 will be awarded.

In that event, Fragonard Délo (1) remains on top and is just as comfortable in Vincennes as he is in the provinces. You just have to hide the effort from him. Admittedly, this is a very well composed finale, but it’s not out of the question on small spaces, after a good race, according to Frank LeBlanc.

Jenny’s secrets

Christian Pigeon: Norse Hovor (2) Wasn’t very good at the McQueenchey stage. I think he thought he was in training mode, because he wasn’t barefoot. His previous ride in Nantes was very good. Shows excellent physical condition in training. It is never as efficient as the ‘D4’ in Vincennes. Many horses have a good chance in this quintet, he is one of them. You must retrieve it.

Jean Michel Bazier: De Muze has been suspended gently (3) recently, otherwise he would have played a key role. Physically, he is in very good shape. He has prepared diligently and in good conditions for this long-term goal. He has my confidence.

Sylvan Roger: Edy du Pommereux (4) has been a very good value lately, at a very good time, and in a very strong field. The opposition will remain tough on this occasion. If he had finished at the end of the fifth set, aided by a good ride, he would have run very well.

Matthew Mutter: Fekir de Mahe (5) had a great season in all respects. He had taken a short break after the summer. He was soon back to his best as evidenced by his success when he returned three weeks ago. I found the McEwenchy stage a little too close to the final. He will present himself for the best. I think De Mozi will be hard to beat, but my partner has a good role to play.

Hughes Levesque: Gamay de l’Iton (6) ran well last time out, on a track he enjoyed. It’s great but I think this number is much more powerful than Mauquenchy and the path file is probably less useful. However, he may still be the best horse in the race. We will not have to throw ourselves into battle from the beginning, but provide strength to the end.

Loic Chaudet: Déesse Noire (7) was in a very good position when there was a bit of a stir in the peloton last time around. I got hit by another competitor and made the mistake. I appeal to her right away, because she hasn’t raced. I think there would be a train, which would not serve him, quite the opposite. We are racing for fourth or fifth with the help of a good track.

Frank Harrell: Eire d’Hélios (8) wasn’t ready enough last time out. We’ve left her in an iron finally at McEwenchy to give her a spin with a view to this final, where she is well positioned at the near position. It looks more harmonious. He needs a good track to express himself. If this is the case, it can end on arrival.

Alexis Jarando: Farah De Kou (9 years old) reassured us completely recently. She had tenderness in one foot. It will be dealt with again in the foreground and “DP”. She won the first stage of GNT, but the opposition in this final is very tough. However, the constant pace could allow her to grab a small spot.

Matthew Abrevard: Fine Cullen (10) did not miss his first goal of the match recently. It still works fine in the winter. Several races were available to her, and I finally chose this final one. The opposition has been raised, but it follows all trains. With so many good opportunities in the far post, she could make use of a good vehicle to get her back and set her point, in order to play the main roles.

Stephen Meunier: Django du Bocage (11) would make an improvement on his performance in Mauquenchy which was a rhythmic race. It was fine Monday morning at work. Opposition was raised especially at the first level. The distance will not be clear. We will aim for fifth place.

Jean-Michel Bazier: Fairplay d’Urzy (12) Good in action, but in competition things have been going badly lately, especially for his return to Vincennes. From the back, it was very good. You have to go the distance and he will need a clear path. However, it seems to me, a priori, very competitive for a place in fifth place. He is really good at training.

Eric Gil Plott: Echo de Chanlecy (13) should make it the distance this time around, it’s more complicated. So the goal is to try and win the championship. You need a good run. If all goes well, he can finish fourth or fifth.

Matthew Abrevard: Duel du Gers (14) has proven he is back on top after suffering health issues. After two runners-up at Vincennes, he did well on the Macquinchy stage. The lottery is very well configured but voluntary. Even if he always seems to be in difficulty, he doesn’t let go. Should take advantage of its good physical condition to grab a place.

Jean-Michel Bazier: Feydeau Seven (15) It seems to me that he is not bad at work. He has to repeat in the competition. I’m a little skeptical already. He needs to reassure me. I unbuttoned all four of his feet for this fantastic second-division clash. Now I’m a little doubtful.

Jill Korens: Gladys Des Plaines (16) missed her return but I plead guilty. I didn’t put it right. She recently reassured me in Mauquenchy, even if she could only follow her. He is on the rise and this outing will allow him to get in shape. He remains shoddy and does not perform well at the trot. You can refuse it. You should back off when you get out from under the saddle.

Jean-Luc Claude Dersoir: Cash du Rib (17) does very well in Saint-Galmier. Wasn’t very happy but had a very good time. He hasn’t had any interesting races since then. Here he makes fifty meters. It’s an impossible task. This race will do him well before going, perhaps, to the race at Cagnes in the Christmas Grand Prix. He is 10 years old, but still overweight, cheerful, resilient, and envious, but needs to be seen again.

Summary: 3 – 6 – 10 – 2 – 15 – 14 – 13 – 5 Press Summary: 10-3-6-2-15-5-13-9

Equidia: 3-2-6-13-5-10-15-12
Europe 1:
Parisian: 10 – 6 – 3 – 2 – 15 – 13 – 5 – 9
Paris Stadium: 3-2-6-5-10-12-13-15

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