Florent Bagni at the end: he had cancer, these discoveries that just fell on his health

Florent Bagni at the end: he had cancer, these discoveries that just fell on his health

On January 25, 2022, it was bad news Posted by Florent Bagni to her Instagram subscribers. He was the translator of “know how you like” Inoperable lung cancer. Since then, he has restricted chemicals to fight this terrible disease. In the latest news, a relative revealed itHe does a much better job !

Tumor size decreased

The singer’s fans were shocked to learn that their idol had lung cancer. Since then, many have sent him encouraging messages And say a prayer. Their positive feelings were not in vain, because in May, he brought reassuring news. there was looks a little tiredThey target their subscribers.

“The protocol has worked to some extent since my first two chemo immunotherapy, my tumor that was the size of a kiwi has turned into a nut.[…]He said, emphasizing that it was doing very well.

But he said after the end of “The Voice” Will take a step back. He decided to make use of the time he had left to stay with his loved ones close to nature. Since this announcement, radio silence, we no longer receive it No news from the singer. We wonder how he’s doing now.

Florent Bagni is doing so well, he would have gained weight!

When you’re a fan of the character, you’ll want to know everything about her. This is currently the case for Fans of Florent Bagni . Especially since the singer is seriously ill. Although he admitted a few months ago that he was feeling better, This long worrying silenceits subscribers.

On July 15, 2022, the singer’s audience blew up. A relative of the latter evaluated his health in the journal here. According to him, the coach of “The Voice” is doing a great job. At the beginning of July, he returned to Paris for auditions. Results it was good. Because, “Florent has spirits”.

“He is feeling good, he has gained weight and the effects of the chemotherapy have worn off. He has allowed himself a social life again,” his relative said.

Back to the day the singer found out about his diagnosis

He was the father of the Incas in January announced his illness . However, he sure knew he was sick before that. In fact, the group “The Voice” had to have the singer I got the bad news regarding his health. The day of the battle between his teams June and Morgan.

TF1 broadcast the sequence on April 9, 2022. June and Morgan, the talent of Florent Bagni, faced off in a duel. The compiler of “anything” did not know who to choose between the two. He felt that they both had talent. However, Morgan kept it. he is too much trouble To give up his talents he burst into tears.

“I am in a certain season. There are a lot of strange talents and I have a lot of them on my team, strange talents. I am drawn to this weirdness, so I will keep Morgan,” he said with great emotion.

The coach was so emotional that day that tears were flowing. However, it is not only performing his talentsWhich made her cry. He also just got a call telling him he has cancer.

The bad news that is really behind him now. The singer knew how to be strong and is about to win the fight against this crab. he goes soon to return .

“As long as my voice is there, I’m here! I’m not going to give up! And I’ll finish my run after I’ve recovered!” he says.

A letter of hope entrusted to Gala before he moved with his loved ones. We hope to have Other reassuring newsthe singer!

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