She refuses to tip, the waiter finds a huge check on her table!

She refuses to tip, the waiter finds a huge check on her table!

It’s a hardly believable story that happened in a restaurant in New York. After an argument with a waiter, a woman refused a tip. As soon as he was gone, the young man found out that she had forgotten a check for the huge amount.

A totally unusual story

If some don’t believe in karma, this story might change your mind. It all started at a famous New York pizzeria: Patsy’s Pizza. This place has been incredibly stamped Connection between server and client.

However, things started between them really badly. And for good reason, Armando Marcage made a remark to his client, Karen Vinacure, that he didn’t like at all.

The 27-year-old, who had been working to fund his plans to become a doctor, had a questionable sense of humor. After welcoming Karen Vinakur, like any other client, he decided to install her in an interior room.

The girl was accompanied by her daughter. After receiving their orders, the latter inquired about the decoration of the pizzeria. Note that there are no pictures of women on the walls of the restaurant.

They were surprised by this choice, so they sought to learn more from the server. The least we can say is that the latter’s answer did not convince them at all.

kind-hearted waiter

Armando the waiter made a joke that angered Karen. swing: “It’s summer and women probably don’t like pizza as much as men.”. A joke that the main interested party did not appreciate.

In order to make Armando understand that she did not appreciate this humor at all, she left the restaurant, without leaving a tip. In the United States, a disgrace is considered disrespectful.

The New York Daily News, which had acquired this story, wanted to know more about the issue. Then Karen explained to our colleagues: ‘We wouldn’t advise him’.

Before adding: And we wrote this on the note: ‘Women eat pizza. And by the way, did you also know that women don’t tip? ” ».

One way to show that they were very angry with the waiter. But the sequence of events did not fail to surprise them. And for good reason, while cleaning his clients’ table, Armando makes a crazy discovery.

“My world just collapsed

On the table, the file Discover the encapsulated server. He explained to the New York Daily News: “I was about to start cleaning the table when I saw the envelope. I raised the tongue of the envelope”.

Follow Armando: And I saw a mention of Citibank. I thought this was important. I ran down the street looking for them. But they are gone.”.

The amount of this famous check is enough to attract attention. And for good reason, it was worth $424,000. Karen also revealed: “They told me (note: the bank) they couldn’t cancel it”.

The young woman explained: “Because it was a cashier’s check. I had to wait at least three months before I could start the process again. And only if it was The check has not been cashed at this time.

Then Karen admitted: ‘My world just collapsed’. But it was without relying on the kindness of the servant. The latter did not cash the check and preferred to be honest.

A gesture that surprised Karen: ” I I am so grateful That the insult we inflicted on him did not prevent him from doing the right thing.”.

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