Leila Kaddour weeps at 1:00 p.m. announcing the death of Pascal Josephe

Leila Kaddour weeps at 1:00 p.m. announcing the death of Pascal Josephe

Death – emotion takes precedence this Sunday, November 20 on the set of 13 hours of France 2. Upon the death of Pascal Joseph, former director of antennas for several private or public channels, including France 2 and France 3, presenter Leila Kaddour could not help but explode in tears.

she was “A great professional who has helped launch a lot of shows, such as Taratata or something like that “fur fur” »Painfully greeted the reporter, she sighed in her voice. He was 68 years old and we are thinking of his family, children and loved ones. This is the end of this edition. thank you. Good day “It concluded after a long pause due to excitement.

Pascal Josephus died as a result of “ lightning disease »His family announced Sunday to AFP. France Télévisions President Delphine Ernout paid tribute in a press release. The memory of the master of public television who made it his passion and always knew how to translate into action his lofty idea of ​​public service with the desire always to be useful to all French people “.

A complete list of worship to his credit appears

Pascal Joseph has been a consultant to several television and media groups, and a veteran of the audiovisual sector. He was the director of TF1, 5, France 2 and France 3 antennas and one of the directors of the Carat media agency. He also founded his own consulting firm, IMCA (International Media Consultants Associates) in 1994, which was later bought by NPA.

Close collaborator of Hervé Bourges (former CEO of TF1 and France Télévisions), Pascale Josèphe has been behind several popular TV shows. Among them, we can cite “right of reply”“,” Tarata »“,” midnight circle »“,” fur fur“,” drop masks »“,” Geopolis » or string Institute.

current bidder TaratataNagoe, paid tribute on Instagram with “Gentleman from TV” Who feels What does the public want?. “I owe him so much, he is forever in my heart.”he said again.

In April 2015, when the CSA had to choose a new leader for France Télévisions, Delphine Ernotte narrowly beat Pascal Josèphe, after two consecutive votes not allowing a choice between them. Recently, he participated in the Plumm.tv project, a platform dedicated to Mediterranean culture, with Rachid Arhab, former journalist for France 2.

On Twitter, the vulnerability of Leila Kaddour during the announcement of the death of Pascal Joseph affected many netizens. “It’s also the living moments that remind us that anything can happen at any time.”, thus receiving the user. And another we add: “Now at 1pm France 2 time, we have witnessed an incredible moment of passion, originality and humanity from a great journalist.”

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