The first season of "Drag Race France" deserves more

The first season of “Drag Race France” deserves more

Endemol TVs / France “Drag the Tour de France”, casting.

Endemol TVs / France

They were ten people to set off on the “Drag Race France” adventure in June 2022.

TV – Who will get the precious tiara of Soa de Muse, La Grande Dame or Paloma? This Thursday, August 11, the top three finalists for the first season of Drag the Tour de France Their fate will be determined after the long-awaited final episode of the reality show is shown on Slash online, from 8pm.

Since the launch of the program in June, all of them have proven themselves. The first is for his “killer” lips. Second, for her stunning looks worthy of a Fashion Week show. As for the third, her imitation of Fanny Ardant will likely remain in the records.

hexagonal adjustment RuPaul’s Drag Race (fourteen seasons on the clock), the show, during which the drag queens compete over events that combine singing, comedy, dance and modeling, has nothing to envy its American big sister. Funny, poignant and interested in defending the interests of the French drag, he seems to have found his audience with us.

cheering the crowd

Initially intended for the digital platform of France Télévisions, all episodes were finally broadcast in full on France 2 every Saturday, after Boyar Castle. In question, the good audience for the first issue (914,000 viewers, or 11.6% audience share), broadcast on Saturday, June 25, the symbolic day of the Pride March.

Even if viewership later dropped, for example 318,000 people watched the semi-final, this first edition scored encouraging results, especially given the late schedule in the summer schedule.

Moreover, France Télévisions does not communicate with the characters of its programs. However, also raised in columns Globalism One of the show’s masterminds, Nicholas Mesov, ” We know that over a million contacts were made for the first episode during the first week.”

Comments on social media are good. Off limits too. ” We have been compared to the Spanish version, the public’s favorite among international licenses, and the rating on the online database IMDB, to which foreigners mainly contribute, including Americans, gives the highest score obtained by all the ‘drag race’ in the world. [9,1/10 au 20 juillet] to episode 3″, Endemol product contact.

French cloud culture

This is thanks to a promising crew. Of the 450 applications received, ten were at the start of the competition, and ten were from four corners of France and with different practices. Big Bertha, a bearded cloud, comes from Comic. Lolita Banana is an outstanding dancer. Soa de Muse, the perfect singer to represent France at Eurovision. While Lova Ladeva was performing in the play “Old School”, Ellipse was shocked by her avant-garde.

Also (and although we had to wait for Season 13 in the US), Drag the Tour de France In his ranks was a trans woman named La Briochée. A welcome variety, which is also found in the choice of guests, as evidenced by the presence of the trio of Cloud Kings in Episode 2, the emptied Jesus, Judas the emptied and Chico. Although it emerged at the beginning of the twentieth century, this movement stemming from radical feminism, which consists in playing on male stereotypes, remains little publicized.

But the benefit of this French The release also lies, above all, in the promotion of our French heritage. In music, during lipsyncs on the background of L5, Juliette Armani, Diams, Mylene Farmer, Aya Nakamura and Ofili Winter.

Or during “The Snatch Game,” a challenge in which the queens star in imitating some of the iconic figures in pop culture, such as Félindra, Chantal Ladesou or Alexandra Rosenfeld.

“doors open”

Faithful to the original program, Drag the Tour de France He was able to convey powerful messages and raise real social issues related to the LGBT+ community such as the status of HIV, anti-gay attacks, self-acceptance and receiving loved ones.

Distributing it to the public service is not trivial. “Drag is above all an art that deconstructs society, a society that is built according to heterosexual norms. Our art is deconstruction of gender. I myself felt the pressure of being a manly boy, when I am not and still am in society. It is important to open doors to the next generation, gay. or not “.One of the finalists, Paloma, previously told us.

The show didn’t just reach an audience of experts. ” I also get a lot of messages from heterosexual couples or couples with kids telling me that they watch the show as a family, that they don’t know anything about it and that they learn a lot from it, She adds. bothers them. France Télévisions has not yet announced whether the show will be renewed, but all lights are looking green.

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