"In Search of Eternal Youth", a life-size test on the M6

“In Search of Eternal Youth”, a life-size test on the M6

Getting a “vampire”, drinking cow urine or even fasting for a week… These methods are part of the “cocktail of youth” that is sold in various places around the world. Real anti-aging cures or a fake good idea sold by jugglers? Actress Valerie Benetton and journalist Alfred de Montesquieu wet the shirt to answer these questions. The result of four months of investigation will be broadcast on Thursday 13 October on M6 in the documentary In search of eternal youth.

“With Valerie, we did not know each other but immediately had chemistry, as Alfred de Montesquieu trusts. We both prevented ourselves from watching the film so as not to want to censor something,” Alfred de Montesquieu identifies from the start. Long live his collaboration with the actress known for her roles in small napkins where Welcome to Ch’tis “As real fun from start to finish.”

“Physical Sharing”

When offered this rather crazy endeavor, the journalist, winner of the Albert London Prize in 2012, responded to the curiosity of testing the methods on himself. Thus he moved from the status of the observer, typical as a journalist, to the ‘observer-examiner’. “I immediately thought of the movie super size me, which affected me greatly,” he admits. In this American documentary, a man exclusively eats fast food for a month to determine the effect of fast food on health. “What I didn’t realize was how physically difficult it was. »

If the funny husband does not swallow hamburgers all day, he rubs his shoulders with sometimes strange theories of old age. The film takes the viewer to the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, a region of the world where people are statistically in better health. This is one of Alfred de Montesquieu’s most memorable memories. “I found myself riding with Don Ramiro, the perennial. I said to myself ‘Wow’, and it made me realize that with a certain life ethic, a certain food, and a certain joy of life, it’s no longer just a theory, it’s true! We can really live a lot longer but Above all, it is much better if we make certain choices, ”says the journalist.

They also visit a traditional medicine center in India or high-tech clinics that boast innovative technologies in the United States. These trips take you to learn about different cultures, A meeting in an unknown land.

French medicine in support

Valérie Bonneton and Alfred de Montesquiou go so far as to test methods that are nonetheless banned in France. But their strange, innocent looks are interrupted by that of Dr. Sarah Longy, who follows them throughout their experience. During the hour and a half of the documentary, this specialist in longevity in Paris hospitals reveals her expertise, letting the audience know the scientific limits of the methods discussed.

During an experiment, nullifiers sometimes make different decisions. When one prefers to abstain, the other tests. This is the case when Valerie Bonneton is convinced to perform the “vampire lift,” a facial rejuvenation technique based on blood injections. “For my part, in the United States, I did not trust them, returns Alfred de Montesquieu. I was not going, to please the M6, to inject myself with things I did not know.”

“A real opportunity for me”

However, the couple embarked on a five-day fasting treatment at Peregord. “This experience affected me a lot, I lost 10 kilograms,” says the journalist.

Several months after the shooting, Alfred de Montesquieu admits that he made permanent changes, especially in his diet. He is now vegan and feels “much better”. “I wouldn’t have made this movie on my own, so it was a real opportunity for me,” he concludes.

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