Mbappe and Messi invade Paris Saint-Germain Nantes

Mbappe and Messi invade Paris Saint-Germain Nantes

A month after a one-sided Champions Cup, Paris won a prize at FC Nantes on Saturday night (0-3). This time it was in La Beaujoire, against the Canary Islands that were reduced to ten from the first half of the hour and in particular two performances from Leo Messi to Kylian Mbappe.

the average

Nantes 0-3 Paris Saint-Germain

Goals: Mbappe (18 .)e54e) and N. Mendes (68efor Paris Saint-Germain
Parcel: Fabio (24 .)e) for NCF

There were plenty of them between 6 and 7 pm, clinging to the gates of the Westotel at La Chapelle-sur-Erdre, their eyes wide to see the Paris Saint-Germain stars climbing their bus in the direction of Beaujoire. And Nantes fans failed to see their team shine, and got their money’s worth, a few hours later, with the disgusting performance of Christophe Galtier’s men, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in the lead: the first providing assists for the second, the duo made things much easier for PSG , especially since the locals had a good idea of ​​playing nearly 70 minutes, as if the 4-0 taken up against the same opponent at the end of July wasn’t violent enough. That’s 16 points out of 18 for Marco Verratti and others (and 24 pawns scored), four days away from participating in a new European campaign.

lighter and sparkle

Messi started the evening by eating lighters when he went to take a corner kick (8 .).e). But it was not only Nantes in the stands who wanted to harm the Parisians, as Samuel Mutosami touched the tire after the judo battle between Marquinhos and Mustafa Mohamed (10).e), and Fabio signed a slightly higher deflection after a deception by Denis Appiah on Achraf Hakimi (13e). Paris response: Alban Lafont extended in front of Danilo Pereira, superbly sent Mbappe (14e), then Marquinius often crossed (15e). No more cartridges were required for the capital club: after a good recovery from Pablo Sarabia, Messi started the counter, pinned and turned Mbappe, who directed the skin remotely into the porthole. (0-1, 18e). Taken from the Parisian whirlwind in midfield, Fabio said goodbye to his friends due to a knee interference on Vitania (24)e), the Portuguese give way. At eleven vs ten, Banam was able to play in an armchair, Messi gave himself some shivers in the yellow roof before the break.

At the end of the refreshment break, the visitors took less than ten minutes to achieve the break, with the same passer and the same scorer, Mbappe and player. Bolga Starting from the offside limit to defeat the Nantes backguard in two stages (0-2, 54e). Pushed by the world champion, Nicholas Balois refused to achieve a hat-trick, when he eliminated Lafont in his last match before going out (62).e). Nuno Mendes stuffing himself with the remaining spaces in his lane, Messi also had the ball 3-0, but preferred to send a chick in the Erdre position (66e); Finally, it was the Lusitania team that removed Paris Saint-Germain permanently, after a work for Sarabia and a post paid by Neymar. (0-3, 68e). In the final minutes, with the Canary Islands already frustrated, Lafont had to work on a sinister attempt by Messi (84)e). If the chip doesn’t score, he and the French champion will have their revenge well against Beaujoire, five and a half months after a memorable setback between two games against Real Madrid. Lafont can’t do miracles every time.

FCN (5-2-1-2): Lafont (c) – Fabio, Castellito (Corcia, 66e), jiroto, peeing, appiah – mutusami (Dusit, 79e), Chirivella Plus (Atchi, 85e) – Mustafa Muhammad (Coco 79 .)e), Guessand (Ganago, 66e). Fitness Trainer : Antoine Compoire.

Paris Saint-Germain (4-3-3): Donnarumma-Danilo, Marquinhos (c), Kimpembe-Hakimi, Verratti (S. Ramos, 62)e), Vitinha (R. Sanches, 33e), Bernat (N. Mendes (46 .)e) – Sarabia (Ekitiki (71 .)eMessi Mbappe (Neymar 63 .)e). Fitness Trainer : Christoph Galtier.

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    Written by Jeremy Barron in Beaujoire

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