Julien Courbet, victim of fraud: 'I think I was cheated'

Julien Courbet, victim of fraud: ‘I think I was cheated’

Paris, France - 19 November: Julien Courbet, French journalist and TV presenter, attended the conference

Julien Courbet’s grandfather, a victim of a scam, made him want to protect the victims. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/WireImage)

This Saturday, September 3, 2022, Julien Courbet will host a new issue of his show “Arnaques!” on the M6. But the host, who has become a specialist in this field, is not himself immune from bad intentions and commercial mistakes. Proof, was also a victim of a scam a very short time ago.

Julien Courbet has built a reputation as an anti-fraud professional. For several years, he made a name for himself thanks to several programs on the topic of consumption, while at the same time he was a humorist and columnist for “Touche pas à mon poste”. In short, a busy schedule for someone who changed his name to make a career. But in 2022, the host himself was the victim of a small problem: he found himself at the center of a scam that was affecting him.

video. Scams and frauds that affected the French the most in 2022, revealed by Julien Courbet

Julian Courbet, victim of identity theft

A few months ago, he found out quite by chance that a bad faith man was pretending to be him and asking for exorbitant sums for simple autographs. “One day a friend called me and said, ‘Julien, I have a niece who was calling you on Skype at 9pm,’” he told the show “It could happen to you” at the right time. “I went to see, and indeed there was Julien Courbet He was talking to her. After a while, he told her ‘If you want me to meet people from TV, do you want an autograph?’ So the individual, Julien Courbet, asked one of his reporters to pretend to be a fan, and very quickly, the rapist asked her to send him money via PCS coupons. To prove to his listeners that such scams are very common.

This scam wasn’t the only one he personally encountered, revealing to Télé-Loisirs that it had been taken over by a man responsible for his rights to Sacem: “Concretely, I authorized him to collect from this rights organization that was owed to me after my television appearance, no Sima with Jacques Martin. He was supposed to give it back to me after the commission. He collected about €50,000 without giving me anything.” Recently, he denounced another scam on social networks: “I think I was deceived by Puppylove. I buy a pillow for Simone (julien Courbet’s dog, editor’s note), they are supposed to donate money to the associations. Nothing was received for three months and it is clear that There are hundreds of people in my case.Like that even experts can be fooled sometimes.

Family history who found his calling

For many years now, Julien Courbet has been the television reference in terms of conflict resolution and fraud prevention. And if he decides to make the victim support his hobby horse, then this is not for nothing. On the set of “C to You”, in May 2022, he had mentioned the “family drama” that was his inspiration. “I love investigating schemes and teaching people how not to be fooled, because you don’t know how painful it is when someone says to you, ‘There, I lost €30,000 and I’ll never see them again. Someone who made €1,000 a month is awful. It really hurts me a lot. “.

For good reason, a member of his family got scammed when he was just 15 years old. “I’m the grandson of a returnee. So, my family didn’t really have anything when I arrived. Like many, they started over. My grandfather had a very small salary. The poor man had 4 liras, he was selling watches to the jeweler. He was cheated. They robbed His watches. He had to sell his little 4L. Finally, it was a family drama. And it affected me.” After considering becoming a lawyer, he finally turned to IUT in Marketing Technologies. Solid foundations for the work he does today.

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