Fuel prices: the trap is gradually closing...

Fuel prices: the trap is gradually closing…

The government decided that Gasoline price discount It will last for a few more months. This is good news for car users who have taken advantage of this reduction for several months.

This extraordinary assistance began in March. The government had put it in place after that Gasoline price hike. Find out how long the French will take advantage of this cut that makes people smile.

Extension in consumer profit

In the wake of the current conflict on European soil, the prices of gasoline and other fuels have risen. At some point, the French saw the arrival of the price of fuel, even Exceeds 2 euros per liter.

Motorists did not notice this until the beginning of August Low fuel prices. But recently, it seems that the price of fuel has started to rise.

Take, for example, the liter of SP95 (E5) gasoline found in € 1.80 on Thursday 25 August 2022. Compared to last month’s prices, gasoline is down 12 cents. Diesel, on the other hand, is on the rise.

The price is 1.92 euros, an increase of 9 cents a week. Diesel saw a decrease of only two years in one month. The government aid that went into effect in March remains a huge boost for consumers.

This assistance was due to end on July 30, but the government decided to extend it until the end of August. A new decision was published on Wednesday 24 August. According to the government circular, the reduction in fuel prices, which gasoline continues to use Until December 31, 2022.

This is good news for consumers who use The following fuel types :

  • Gasoline (SP95/98-E5, SP95-E10, LPG-c, CNG in compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) form
  • Diesel fuel (B0, B7, B10, B30, B100, XTL, and even off-road (GNR)
  • ED95 Diesel Ethanol
  • E85 Super Ethanol

30 cents discount and an exceptional bonus

However, it should be noted that the discounts have undergone some changes. 30 cents discount is valid For two months only. It will be valid during September and October.

“The discount can go up from 18 to 30 euro cents in September and October,” explains Bruno Le Maire.

In November and December, the discount on fuel prices drops to 10 cents a liter. The government has yet to say what will happen in January 2023.

According to LR Group President, Olivier Marlex, the discussion on the 2023 . budget It will take place next fall. In addition, the government made a decision to help service stations.

Some operators in the fuel sector will receive additional assistance. Extraordinary bonus go up to 3000 euros For service stations that are having difficulty.

To pay for this assistance, the government will rely on average sales for 2021. If the service station sells in total Less than 500 hectoliters of fuel On average per month, the farmer will get the bonus

To get this help, the farm owner will have to Request to the government.

Transport premium doubles

with a budget 44 billion eurosThe state decided to re-evaluate allowances and bonuses. One of the decisions that delight the French is to reevaluate the transfer premium.

It especially affects employees who travel by car to go to work. This tax-free bonus, which exempts them from paying fuel, was in 200 euros per year.

For the years 2022 and 2023, the transfer premium doubles for 400 euros per year. In French foreign departments, this aid is tripled up to 600 euros. It should be noted that all employees who go to work by car can benefit from this bonus.

In other words, if the employee has to pay for gasoline or other fuel to go to work, he will be able to claim this assistance. As of this year, employees who benefit from it Can get refund Half of their journey is by train.

However, the allocation of this bonus is doubled Depends on companies. They must have the means to pay the amount to employees so that they can allocate a transportation allowance.

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