The Ministry of Economy requested access to the balance of all French bank accounts

The Ministry of Economy requested access to the balance of all French bank accounts

An increasingly curious ministry of the economy? Percy would have asked to look at the bank accounts of all the French a year earlier, according to an investigation. Where will the state’s right to scrutiny end?

The Ministry of Economy intends to monitor the accounts of the French

The news was revealed by Next Inpact media a few days ago. According to him, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has submitted a request After a comprehensive overhaul of a file listing the bank accounts of the French people, Ficoba. This file currently collects a list of accounts (current, savings, etc.), but there is no information on the operations performed by these accounts, nor on account balances.

But the Ministry of Economy intends to change this. would have asked To look at the operations of the French. This is what we learned from referring to a letter from the Interministerial Digital Directorate (Dinum), which published its response in October 2021, a year ago.

The message is public, but it went unnoticed, and the media has not picked up on it until now. see that the government It will request access to account balances and transactionsaccording to the formula Dinum uses:

FICOBA Project 3 It aims to integrate the balances of bank accounts and ultimately the transactions made on these bank accounts. This is a very important functional development for FICOBA, from managing static reference data to managing highly sensitive dynamic data.»

It was precisely this “sensitivity” to the information that allowed Dinum to reject the request of the Ministry of Economy. character indicates There were no parliamentary debates on this matteror consult the National Commission on Computing and Liberties (CNIL).

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Unnoticed request

Hence the rejection regarding the extent of the supervisory authority of the Ministry of Economy. It is worth noting that this request went unnoticed for almost a year. The official goal of the department is to fight fraud but No contact has been made regarding this file. However, the DGFiP played the appeasement card with our colleagues from Tech & Co, explaining:

it is clear that All necessary legal advice will be done in advance Before any possible development of a legal framework that will, by definition, be the subject of public debate at the time the law is discussed.»

However, the silence of parliamentarians is particularly deafening, and Presenting such a request without passing it on to the French, of course, raises questions. Especially since DGFip shows that it is “only” the balance of accounts, as well as the number of monthly transactions of interest to the Ministry. While Denum speaks well in his message”Transactions executed on these bank accountsSo what is it really like? We will only know with the possible development of the project.

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Source: NextInpact

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