Paris Saint-Germain - Christophe Galtier on Mbappe's departure: "Kylian gave an answer to this rumour"

Paris Saint-Germain – Christophe Galtier on Mbappe’s departure: “Kylian gave an answer to this rumour”

Afternoon flamed. Boring evening. Such is the life of Paris Saint-Germain, the only contender for a Champions League final win capable of creating internal dramas just hours before one of the season’s most decisive matches. This surreal Tuesday was the perfect summary for this club – and this player – certainly unlike the others. In the afternoon, a torrent of news fell on the capital, always with the same result: Kylian Mbappe wants to leave PSG as soon as possible.
In the park, however, there is not a single trace of psychodrama or earthquake. There is no doubt that the proponents took their stand. But the enthusiasm with which the stadium welcomed its star proves that Paris Saint-Germain can be in the midst of a political crisis without necessarily drawing a line under the athlete. And there again, Mbappe is undoubtedly the best example.

Champions League

Galtaire: “The rumor about Mbappe became known and then almost became a statement”

9 hours ago

as if nothing happened

Because, to observe him when he entered the field for training, nothing had changed. He participated in possession matches, relaxed when exchanging crosses with Achraf Hakimi and his skill in warming up in front of goal, and he did not let his problems appear. And when he started the match, he put on the outfit that suited him: that of a talented football player.

Indefensible every time he has exported himself to that left side he seems to miss so much, the French have presented the exact opposite face he glimpsed during his recent outings: involved, collegial and decisive. And in the Parisian eleven, there seemed to be thousands of places to pull information that could have major repercussions for the team. “I never touched the subject, either with my players or my team.Christoph Galtier then explained. We kept focusing on getting ready for the game. I haven’t seen any player upset by these rumours. I did not touch the subject, either individually or collectively. “

Still, the locker room is aware of this information. “The media is always talking about these thingshis friend Hakimi got stuck in the mixed zone. I saw Kilian focusing on the game and the club. We didn’t talk about it. You take things out of context.A similar story with Sergio Ramos in the channel + microphone: “The only thing I can say is that Kylian is a friend. He is very happy here every day. Did not leave last season, I do not believe the rumors“.

Another draft: Why is Paris stagnant?

I’ve never heard of this kind of information, discussion or thought

The Parisian coach was ultimately the one most involved in the matter at a press conference. What did he think of this information? Prefer to talk about “rumour”. “What I know ? nothingHe confessed. I only know that rumors became information, which in itself became almost a statement. I find it very surprising that a rumor like this appears only hours before a very important match. I didn’t see anything different in Kylian’s preparations for the match. I’ve never heard of this kind of information, discussion or thought, either with Kylian or the club management.“.

A site similar to the position of Luis Campos a few hours ago. But, as Le Parisien points out, neither the PSG coach nor the football advisor are the Frenchman’s target. In this prominent political issue, Galtaire wanted to return to the sports field. “Tonight, Killian had a very rhythmic and exciting match.summed up. It was the most dangerous and scored. He could have scored a second goal but offside was reported for a few centimeters. He gave an answer to this rumor“.

This is ultimately the only lesson from Tuesday’s fresh game draft: Despite his potential desire to leave and despite his tactical unhappiness, Mbappe has remained involved. till when ? In Paris, you never really know. Because earthquakes here are so numerous that you will get used to them.

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Kylian Mbappe after his goal in the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Benfica on October 11, 2022

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Champions League

Another draft: Why is Paris stagnant?

10 hours ago

Champions League

A funny evening for Mbappe: “However, he risks staying frustrated in this situation”

10 hours ago

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