Top 8 Explanations Behind Rare Physical Properties | Tobito

Top 8 Explanations Behind Rare Physical Properties | Tobito

We all have somewhat silly physical characteristics like turning our thumbs or moving our ears, but there are people who are born with truly unique differences. Sometimes it doesn’t change anything in their daily life and it’s just curious, but there are also rare medical conditions that can really ruin life.

1. People who don’t have a little voice in their heads

Hearing the narrator’s voice in your head when you read is called partial pronunciation ; Most people learn it subconsciously when they begin to learn how to “read their mind”. Even more intrusive, many people hear a The sound of the inner monologueLittle voice in the head. It may take a large-scale survey to determine the number of people involved, but that can be estimatedBetween 10 and 20% of the population does not have an inner voice We don’t really know why.

On the other hand, there is a hypothesis to explain the presence of sound in the head: this phenomenon can be associated with natural result discharge. Simply put, we never hear our own voice when we speak, but rather we hear a version of that brain-created voice. According to Canadian researcher Mark Scott, it will work in the same way with the inner voice except that the brain is able to produce an inner message without making a sound.

2. Absence of a wisdom tooth

Today, wisdom teeth are completely useless. They were used, before humans changed their diet, for chewing when molars were badly damaged. Oftentimes, wisdom teeth are removed because they no longer have room to grow properly in the jaw, but they can be retained if they do not interfere with other teeth.

We can see that the human race is evolving because some people, just under 20% of the population, do not have the roots of wisdom teeth. It is, however, the only explanation we have today for the absence of empty teeth.

3. People who don’t get chills

There are very few people who have never had goosebumps, just like a missing wisdom tooth, it is likely that Species evolution. When you’re cold, hundreds of thousands of heat receptors distributed throughout the skin send a message to the hypothalamus. It transmits the message to the sympathetic nervous system, which is activated awesome muscles (hair conditioners) Try to warm the body. The hair then stands at its end against the skin to form a thin layer of insulating air; So goosebumps combat heat loss to protect against the cold.

With the development of species, the human body has much less hair than before, and therefore this technique is less effective; So we can think that people who haven’t got goosebumps simply don’t have these awful muscles, true Humans 2.0.

4. Different shapes of fingerprints

There are three different fingerprint shapes: spiral-shaped, ring-shaped, or wave-shaped. The thing is just 5% of people have wave-shaped footprints. A new Chinese study revealed in early 2022 that the shape of fingerprints is influenced by the EVI1 gene that plays a role in embryonic limb development. Your fingerprint patterns are actually related to the length of your fingers.

5. People who did not have a gurgling stomach

Belly gurgling, called rumbling, totally normal. It is a manifestation of the stomach getting ready for digestion and it is louder when the stomach is empty because it resonates. If your stomach isn’t grumbling, it may be because you never eat at the same time: you feel hungry differently and your stomach doesn’t automatically prepare for digestion.

6. Hair of different colors

There is a physical abnormality calledhyperpigmentation or skin hyperpigmentation. The hair has two very distinct colors. This disorder is due to the excessive accumulation of hair pigment or the irregular distribution of pigments during the formation of melanin. It is very rare but not dangerous at all.

7. People who can’t recognize faces

people with Uncle facial recognition They have great difficulty recognizing faces, even the faces of loved ones or people they see on a daily basis. Some people are even unable to recognize their group photos in a group photo.

According to some studies, this can be explained by the difficulty of integrating local components into the whole: facial features are perceived independently, and not as a whole. Therefore, affected people are obliged to retain the exact characteristics of the face in order to identify a person.

“We actually met” Well, I don’t remember you. Have you ever thought about being memorable and less important? »

8. Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien hand syndrome is a very rare neurological disorder (and certainly more serious than the previous points). As in a bad horror movie, people with this syndrome lose control of one hand, which appears to be acting at the will of another. She can become dangerous and chase after her owner, which is very scary.

This disorder can appear after an operation aimed at separating the cerebral hemispheres to relieve epileptic seizures. It can also be caused by a brain tumor, stroke, or other neurological disorders.

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