On which side of the aluminum foil should I put the food? The mistake you always make

On which side of the aluminum foil should I put the food? The mistake you always make

You may have already noticed that aluminum foil has two different sides. It consists of a matte face and a shimmer face. This kitchen tool is very useful in daily life. It is used to cover and preserve food after cooking or to package preparations that need to be taken away. The method of using aluminum foil is not always unanimous. Some believe it uses the matte part on the inside to wrap food and the shiny part on the outside. Others think the opposite.

No matter how aluminum foil is used, there is a simple and effective solution to using aluminum foil.

On which side should aluminum foil be used?

aluminum foil

aluminum foil. Source: spm

The two sides of aluminum sheets are often discussed and depending on your use, these two aspects can be useful to you. It doesn’t matter if you want to cover or store food, you will find that aluminum foil was not made this way by accident. In fact, if you use aluminum foil to store your leftovers in the fridge or to keep your cookies soft after baking, the side you choose won’t have any effect. on save of your food.

One side of aluminum foil

One side of aluminum foil. Source: spm

It is often clarified that the matte side must be in contact with food. However, it does not matter and you will not waste more time when using aluminum foil for food preservation. In fact, this difference is caused by the aluminum foil manufacturing process. Since the latter is very thin and brittle, the aluminum sheets are superimposed on two so as not to tear. It’s two-sided friction which creates Naturally this matte effect on aluminum foil. Then the outer faces of the rolling mill rolls are touched which causes This brilliant effect on communication. So this difference has no effect on the use of aluminum foil in the kitchen.

Moreover, if you choose to use it for oven cooking, this should be noted Aluminum, which does not tolerate heat, can transfer toxic particles to food, as indicated Philip Poulart, educator and researcher in culinary practices and health for the newspaper Mrs. Figaro. Pour autant, les chercheurs n’ont pas jugé la quantité d’émission alarmante et dangereuse pour la santé et cette toxicité par le papier aluminum fait l’objet de plusieurs débats, tout dépend des doses’ etqué du mode expmeded com Newspaper Release. However, its use in the oven should be accidental. Parchment paper can be an alternative to aluminum foil to reduce risks.

Aluminum foil can be used to keep your food moist. For example, if you are making cookies in the oven, to keep them well, you can cover them with aluminum foil so that they do not dry out.

You can use aluminum foil to polish the pans. Cover the bottom of the pan with aluminum foil and add a few teaspoons of salt. Add cold water and soak the cookware for five minutes. After letting it rest, wash your silverware and let it dry. It will look as new again as the first day of use.

Aluminum foil can help you sharpen kitchen knives and scissors. You can also clean the iron with aluminum foil. To do this, put an aluminum plate on an ironing board with coarse salt and go the iron back and forth.

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