Top 10 Home Appliances in Standby Mode That Still Consume a Lot

Top 10 Home Appliances in Standby Mode That Still Consume a Lot

In common with gym memberships, home appliances keep draining our money even when we’re not using them! And if sleep mode is supposed to limit our bills, it’s far from eliminating it entirely… quite the opposite.

1. A central computer unit + monitor + standby device = 23 euros per year for electricity

1.9 euros per month is the cost of your laziness when you shut down your computer yourself, relying on the latter’s default settings to shut itself down in your absence. Except that appearances are deceiving and behind the black screens electricity keeps running the meters as evidenced by that little red light flashing – which you don’t care – which nonetheless alerts you that your bank account is there slowly withdrawing…but sure!

2. The dryer = 11.3 euros of electricity per year

A clothes dryer should officially be one of the signs of outward affluence. While the poor man perfectly adapts to the smell of wet clothes sticking to his clothes, the rich man does not hesitate to drop an average of 0.5 euro cents each time he uses the clothes dryer. It can sometimes happen for CSP +++ to leave their devices on standby, resulting in spending €11.3 on electricity every year!

3. Kitchen stove = 9.5 euros of electricity per year

Only when you plug the furnace into a socket that is much larger than average, should you suspect there is a risk that it will be pumping out too much electricity. The reality is worse, even when not in use, the oven consumes energy just under €10 per year. All this just to display the time in beautiful liquid crystals.

4. Connected speakers: €8.8 of electricity per year (per speaker)

Connected to our smartphone, with our voice and above all, directly to our bank account to pump just under 9 € into electricity. Thus, the Google Home Max speaker consumes 5 times more than the Google Nest Mini. The same penalty for the equivalent in Amazon!

5. TV = 8.5 euros of electricity per year

As complicated as it can sometimes be to switch certain electronic devices to standby mode, doing it on your TV is right at your fingertips. All you have to do is motivate yourself to let go of the remote, and get up from your couch to walk the 3.4m that separates you from the TV’s power off button. One small step for man, one giant leap for the planet.

6. Internet fund = 6.8 euros of electricity per year

In fact, Internet access costs you much more than the cost of your subscription. The drawback is in the box that consumes electricity once the device is connected to it via wifi or via Ethernet, that is, almost all the time. On average, the box consumes 200 kilowatts each year, which is about twenty euros from electricity alone. To save energy, the government has just asked ISPs to update their customers’ boxes so that they can go into standby mode after a certain period of non-use. A measure that will allow us to make significant savings on our future bills while participating in the national “energy sobriety” effort.

7. Digital photo frame: 5.8 euros per year for electricity

All the more reason to immediately get rid of this artifact that consumes almost as much energy as a good old DVD player that collects dust but still pumps out the equivalent of 6.5 Euros of electricity every year!

8. Game console: €4,6 annual electricity

44% of the power used by the Xbox One and 32% of that used by the PS4 will be when the console is on standby! (Note. We don’t have information for the new generic controllers) So the solution to save electricity is to unplug your controller when not in use, but also to use the battery or batteries (rechargeable) for the controllers instead of their power cable.

9. Laptop: 4.2 euros per year for electricity

The laptop is more economical than the central unit that comes with its screen, yet it’s a huge power glutton even when it goes into standby mode. But even worse, the laptop keeps pumping electricity when it’s connected to its charger! To avoid this waste, simply unplug your computer and then turn it off completely.

10. Microwave: 2.9 Euros of electricity per year

Microwave ovens, maximum waste! However, we like to forgive him so much that he helps us daily. And if we really want to limit our power impact, we can unplug it after each use, or even simpler, turn off the power strip it’s connected to.

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