Fuel shortage: the situation is getting worse in the Paris region and the strike is spreading

Fuel shortage: the situation is getting worse in the Paris region and the strike is spreading

For more than a week, many refineries were closed by various union organizations to demand higher wages. Trust / stock.adobe.com

Status update – Extended Strike, Employee Takeover, and Risk of Food Product Shortages: Le Figaro Assessment of tensions over gasoline supplies that have affected the country in the past few days.

The strike led by the General Union of Workers did not weaken. As more and more French people find themselves facing long lines at the entrance to service stations, the government looms over the threat of individuals asking to allow the refineries involved in the ban to be lifted. If the Prime Minister made a declaration to that effect on Tuesday on Esso, then on Tuesday, the CGT extended its movement to a new location. Le Figaro Provides an update of the latest information regarding fuel shortages.

Shortage worsens in Paris region, slight improvement in Hauts-de-France

The fuel shortage is getting worse in Ile-de-France. After the improvement observed on Monday, the number of service stations in the Ile-de-France region jumped from at least one producer to 44% this Tuesday at 6 p.m., according to figures reported by the Ministry of Energy Transition. Increase more than 10 points in 24 hours. The improvement is confirmed in Hauts-de-France, where 45% of service stations lack at least one product at 6pm, compared to 48.4% the day before. “Government efforts are working, but in an unbalanced manner by regions”, we concluded at the Transitional Ministry of Energy.

Outside of these two regions, which have been particularly affected since the strikes began at the country’s oil refineries, other regions are beginning to show significant fuel shortages. Like the Center-Val-de-Loire, it was little affected yesterday and now in 45% of service stations there is a shortage of at least one product. “We continue to observe the phenomenon of over-consumption, which can be up to 50% compared to the normal rate”sorry at the Department of Energy Transmission.

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Elizabeth Bourne chooses the strong path in the face of the fuel crisis

Elizabeth Bourne on Tuesday announced a staff request to release Esso-Exxonmobil group’s fuel depots, as a wage agreement was struck on Monday by two union organisations, the majority at group level but not its refineries. “Social dialogue means moving forward as soon as a majority emerges. These are not minimum agreements. Management announcements are important. Therefore, I have asked Governors to initiate, as permitted by law, procedures for ordering personnel necessary to operate this company’s warehouses.the Prime Minister said during his questioning of the government.

Commenting on the situation in the other oil group affected by the strike movements, Head of Government TotalEnergies urged management and unions to engage in wage negotiations, threatening otherwise to do the same in order to “Open mode“. At Total, reformist unions called for negotiations to be opened. Management responded positively. I hope that other representative unions will hold this outstretched hand, because social dialogue is always more fruitful than conflict.said the prime minister.

CGT extends strike at TotalEnergies refinery in Donges

The wage strike will extend from Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. at the Dunges refinery, near Saint-Nazaire, in the Loire Atlantic. CGT and FO renewed the strike Tuesday morning on the two French refiners of Esso-ExxonMobil group, despite the signing of a majority agreement on wages by other unions, which they rejected on their part, CGT noted.

Esso was happy to sign an agreement with two organizations. He proposed an increase of 6.5% and a value-sharing bonus of €3,000 excluding participation and profit-sharing and declared that “Two majority unions, CFE-CGC and CFDT, sign the salary agreement proposed by management“.

TotalEnergies also announced on Tuesday evening that it will invite representative associations that… “Do not participate in the strike movement” Who paralyzes its refineries and fuel depots in a meeting “Consultations and Exchanges” Wednesday afternoon. “If CGT lifts all site closures before noon tomorrow, he would be most welcome at this dialogue meeting”The French energy giant outlines in a press release.

Risk of rupture in food products

An association of 120 refrigerated transport companies warned on Tuesday about this Cut food products for the French. If the fuel shortage continues due to strikes. “Obstacles of oil refineries running on the national territory companies that transport perishable goods (…) are facing increasing difficulties”Assembly said.refrigeration supply chainin the current situation.

According to this association, which claims to unite 120 companies with a total of 50,000 employees and about 100,000 refrigerated trucks, On tankers with tanks, available reserves are in some cases less than a week” While Other carriers rely on stocks available at the service station“.

Can’t we go to work because of the lack of fuel?

If there is no possible solution, can employees stay at home, alleging force majeure? “Even if gasoline could not be found and the workplace was available to him only by car, the employee cannot invoke force majeure in order to avoid punishment for his absence” Muriel Barnett, assistant attorney at Ashurst, explains to me. For the event to fall under force majeure, it must already be irresistible from the outside, and above all unpredictable.

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