Live broadcast - PSG-Auxerre: "A Perfect Afternoon", Galtier in Heaven after Paris' Manita

Live broadcast – PSG-Auxerre: “A Perfect Afternoon”, Galtier in Heaven after Paris’ Manita

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Galtier evokes the ‘perfect’ afternoon

Christophe Gallitaire on Prime Video microphone: “The afternoon is great. I can’t say it’s almost perfect, it’s perfect. We only gave up one chance, we had a serious match, everyone wanted to play this match, nobody was particularly interested in the World Cup.” Maybe I was more than I was. That’s why I wanted to rest Nye, Leo… Kylian stayed in the grass but he’s 23. Nye also stopped in the middle within a week of the session, Leo was back from calf overload, I am happy with the input of Renato and Hugo.

His next few weeks? “I will benefit from my family, my granddaughter. And then I will go to Doha for four days to watch three matches, including the France team match, along with my boss and my captains.”

‘It’s in the Head’: The reassuring message from Kimpembe before finding the blues

Presnel Kimpembe on Prime Video microphone: “I’m doing well, I had the chance to play again for a few minutes, it feels good. Nothing to say. The weather is nice, there are people, it was a good match, we take advantage. My rhythm? I’m very good Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to play for a few minutes, but if I go back to the field, it’s all right.

Do you doubt? “Doubt? No. I’m a person who likes to move forward day in and day out, and I don’t like regret, I always give the most to come back. It’s done. 90 minutes? It’s not a problem, it’s all in the head.”

Are you happy to go to the World Cup? “Of course we’re happy. We’ve been thinking about this World Cup for a while, it was on our minds even if we had commitments with the club. The first part of the tournament is over, we’ll be able to focus on the France team (on the injured) I’m not worried, there is quality In this team, we are fortunate to have an incredible group. After that, it is the coach who makes his choice.”

it’s over ! Paris Saint-Germain corrects Auxerre

Paris corrects Auxerre for his last game before the 2022 World Cup. The Parisians had a great afternoon.

Mokele wins with a header

Pablo Sarabia found Mukiele in the area with a free kick outside the center but the Paris defender failed to drop his head.

Janvier goes out on a stretcher

These are pictures we don’t like to see. Auxerre defender comes out on a stretcher. The Burgundians will finish at 10 because they don’t have any more changes.

Janvier looks impressed

Janvier is still on the ground after his mistake. Caregivers are at his side and the stretcher is moved to the garden bed.

Ekitike opens his meter

it’s done ! Hugo Ekitike opens his counter with Paris Saint-Germain after a serious defensive error.

One last change to Auxerre

A few seconds after Paris’ last substitution, Christophe Pelissier also entered Machangama in place of Sakhi.

The last Parisian change

Christophe Galtier makes a final change with young Warren Zaire-Emery replacing Marco Verratti. Kylian Mbappe concluded the meeting.

Brand: Renato Sanchez

Hugo Ekitike stumbles upon Benoît Costil but Renato Sanches inherits the ball and sets the Auxerre goalkeeper using the post.

Hakimi loses control

Hugo Ikitaki transfers Hakimi, but the Moroccan fails to control the difficult ball presented by former Remo.

Change for Parisians

Christoph Galtier makes a triple change. Messi, Neymar and Ramos leave and are replaced by Sarabia, Eketiki and Kimpembe.

Nice try by Beren

Perrin takes his chance from 25 yards and forces Donnarumma to dodge.

A new change for Auxerre

Autret gives way to the former Brestois Gaëtan Charbonnier.

Eighteenth place for Messi

Lionel Messi has just touched the post with Paris Saint-Germain for the 18th time in all competitions.

Messi’s job

Lionel Messi is planted in the pivot and wraps with the left foot but the ball ends up on Benoît Costil’s right post.

Soler leaves, Sanchez returns

Carlos Soler gives up his place in this meeting after scoring and assisting. It was replaced by Sanches.

Triple change of auxiliary

Christophe Pelissier makes changes after this third goal, with Da Costa, Heine and Perrin replacing Niang, Sinaiko and Julie.

Hakimi scores the third goal

The bill is getting heavy at Parc des Princes! Soler calls Hakimi a fast meter and the Moroccan is quick to deceive Costel.

Ramos intervenes

M’Baye Niang managed to take control and crosses towards Autret but Sergio Ramos’ pass forward and pushed back into a corner.

Janvier gets his head back

In a corner kick with two, Autret found Janvi at the far post but the Auxerre defender clears his head a lot.

Soller doubles

What to do from Mendes on his left side playing with two defenders before heading towards Soler who concludes with a header.

Beautiful sequence of Niang

Alert at the back of the Parisian defence, M’Baye Niang controls the direction of goal and shoots but his attempt is largely overrun.

Two Parisians getting ready to warm up

Christoph Galtier sent players to warm up. Renato Sanchez and Hugo Eketek on the sidelines.

She’s back in the park!

Thomas Leonard begins Chapter Two. Paris Saint-Germain advanced thanks to a goal from Kylian Mbappe.

it is time

Thomas Leonard whistle the end of the first half and sends the two teams to the locker room. Paris Saint-Germain is progressing logically thanks to Kylian Mbappe.

Sakhi misses his shot

Hamza Sakhi has a good shot by Autret near the opponent’s area, but the ball flies far.

Two more minutes

Fourth official says that extra time will be two minutes in this first term.

The pace is moderate

As the first half approaches, the Parisians finish at a sluggish pace and clearly don’t want to score a second goal before heading back to the dressing room.

roll up messi

Kylian Mbappé was fired in deep to find Messi in the deck who continues with coiled misses. Finally an offside position was indicated.

Auxerre is struggling to get out

Even if they try to do it right, Burgundians don’t manage to get balls at all or very rarely.

Mbappe asks for a helping hand

As he enters the opponent’s area, Mbappe and Jolie intervene but the French international asks for his hand. Thomas Leonard does not flinch.

Welcome back from January

Nuno Mendes shoots deep into the Burgundian defense and backs Messi but Jeanvier makes a good comeback.

The multinational movement seeks and finds itself

The attacking trio of Paris Saint-Germain stands in the leg at the start of the match. Mbappe finds Neymar in the area heading towards Messi, but Auxerre’s defense intervenes.

sinaiko hits

After a good cross from Sakhi towards Senayoko, Auxerre wing rolls but Donnarumma is not surprised and grabs the skin.

Niang Donnarumma is forced to stop

On a good deep ball, M’Baye Niang hits a shot but Donnarumma makes a good save.

The goal was validated despite Neymar’s hand at the start of the event

After Mbappe’s goal and a big challenge from Oxyroa, the VAR technology analyzed images of a hand – apparently real – from Neymar in action before the goal … but in the end did not ask the central referee to cancel the goal achievement. French striker. 1-0, then.

Mbappe opens the scoring

After a great combination, Mbappé transforms a wonderful cross from Nuno Mendes. Paris Saint-Germain benefits logically.

Costelle comes out

After a good mix of MNM, Mbappé is fired deep by the Argentine but Benoît Costil gets out and steps in.

A beautiful tribute from Auxerrois to the victims of November 13

A minute’s silence was observed just before kick-off in honor of the victims of November 13, 2015. For their part, Auxerre supporters posted a symbolic blue, white and red tarpaulin, dated 11/13/2015 mentioned above. .

Tarp Auxerrois in the Parc des Princes
Auxerrois tarp in the Parc des Princes © RMC Sport

Auxerre suffers

Since the start of the match, the Parisians have been in possession of the ball and trying to get around Auxerre’s very low block.

Nuno Mendes Center

Nuno Mendes is looking for a partner in the back in an interesting area but none of his mates were there.

A blow from the scarf at the start of the match

Neymar sets the tone from the first second by hitting the scarf at the start of the match.

Starting !

The PSG-Auxerre staging has just been launched at the Parc des Princes. This is the last match for both teams before the 2022 World Cup.

Kick-off in 10 minutes

The kick-off for Paris Saint-Germain’s last meeting before the 2022 World Cup will be given in 10 minutes.

Auxerre has a sense of objection

Since the start of the Ligue 1 season, Auxer has been the team with the most interceptions with 189.

Paris is comfortable against the promotion

At home, the Parisians are unbeaten in their last 30 matches against rising players (27 wins, 3 draws). Auxerre was warned, the task seems complicated.

Here is the composition of Auxerre

AJA Configuration: Costel – Julie, Ravelloson, Gopal, Janvier, Mensah – Senayoko, Tori, Sakhi – Utret, Nyang.

Compositions, Kimpembe and Vitinha fell off the bench

PSG Configuration: Donnarumma – Hakimi, Mukele, Ramos, Mendes – Soler, Verratti, Danilo – Neymar – Messi, Mbappe.

Note that Marco Verratti is the captain.

Mbappe’s sweet gesture for Alsatian children

According to DNA reports, 28 children from the Altorf village in Alsace were personally invited by Kylian Mbappé to attend the 15th day of the Ligue 1 PSG-Auxerre league this Sunday in the Parc des Princes.

>>> We tell you everything here

Rotation before the World Cup?

In the D-7 since the start of the World Cup in Qatar, will Paris Saint-Germain’s international players survive? Christoph Galtier cautioned, however, that he had no intention of “sparing anyone”.

Departure at 1 pm.

Like last weekend, Paris Saint-Germain inherited the Sunday 1pm spot for the 15th day of Ligue 1 match. Parisians welcome Auxerre to the Parc des Princes.

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