Overwatch 2: 'Shame on You', 'Joke of the Year'... Players Unpack the Game and Drown in Metacritic Rating
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Overwatch 2: ‘Shame on You’, ‘Joke of the Year’… Players Unpack the Game and Drown in Metacritic Rating

game news Overwatch 2: ‘Shame on You’, ‘Joke of the Year’… Players Unpack the Game and Drown in Metacritic Rating

A few days ago, Overwatch 2 took over from its predecessor, and players had to say goodbye to it after more than six years of good and loyal service. On the Activision-Blizzard side, we were more than happy to release this sequel into a free game, but, inevitably with the US publisher, nothing went as planned and outcry followed. Players, more than outraged, held onto nothing but a warm welcome for the title, causing Metacritic’s rating to drop.


  • Overwatch 2, a catastrophic launch
  • Metacritic score close to 0

Overwatch 2, a catastrophic launch

with the release ofMonitor 2the developers had the ambition to satisfy players above all else and let them find sensationsNote and watchand much more, in an improved version. The three new heroinesSojourn, Queen of the Junkers and Kiriko, were at the start of the road and expected the audience’s applause: the first steps of a dream that turned into a nightmare. the reason ? A problematic release where hiccups were restricted, blasting players whose discontent was increasingly heard. Not even a week has passed and this sequel has to actually remove the paddles to restore its image, which has been severely tarnished by various factors, in particular, With this scandal about double authentication.

Overwatch 2: Overwatch 2:

Overwatch could have an impact on the video game worldPlayers don’t aspire to spare this title’s mistakes, either in its mechanics or its connections. So much so that the title infuriated even the most ferocious gamers who did not hesitate to speak out by staging another review blast, almost a year after the event the publisher tested with Call of Duty: Vanguard. Within six days, the game was completely destroyed (Even in the literal sense!). At this very moment, Overwatch 2 is under attack from players on Metacritic who don’t go there with the back of a spoon to have their say on this sequel.

Within six days, players who managed to overcome connection issues and queues were able to form their own opinions about Monitor 2. on MetacriticOne hundred of them posted an encouraging review. But it’s ultimately just a drop in the ocean of hate sweeping this sequel because the title currently collects over 1,200 extremely unfavorable opinions – 1,235, to be exact – and the overall rating sees a dip.. Zeros and notes with the number “1” are related to each other and, contrary to the ordinary opinion of the press, are not really encouraging. Currently, aggregating over 1,400 reviews, the average user rating on Metacritic is 1.4 out of 10.

Overwatch 2: Overwatch 2:

Beyond the killer notes the Activision-Blizzard title collects, It is the players’ arguments that leave their mark on the launch of free play. Among the comments, some were surprised to present the game as ” new address Too few novelties, while others are pissed off excessive grinding Need to get your hands on a legendary skin. The anger is soaring and players go so far as to use strong words saying that the developers ” You should be ashamed “, This is it ” The biggest joke of the year “It is neither more nor less than” waste of time “In addition to” disappointment Developed by a company Who should sit in the trash “.

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