Skred Messenger: The French Messaging App Is More Secure Than WhatsApp
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Skred Messenger: The French Messaging App Is More Secure Than WhatsApp

Skred is a very French UFO who wants to revolutionize the world of instant messaging by defending complete security and freedom!

skred: a secure French messaging app

It is clear that applications dedicated to exchanges by means of messages have become a part of our daily lives, to the extent that they almost replace the legendary SMS. The only problem, not the least, is security. How do you make sure that the files you share with your contacts remain exclusive and no one else can access them? Concern there is now a French response to it.

If you don’t know her, remember this name: Skred! This is the instant messaging app launched by the Skyrock group since 2017. Revolutionary and now used by more than 9 million people, the app is establishing itself as a French alternative to WhatsApp.

Skred Messenger, the alternative French messaging app for WhatsApp?

Since the new update of the general conditions of use of the US WhatsApp application, which did not really leave users with a choice, doubts have been raised about the true confidentiality of information shared on the network. In fact, since May 15, users of the messaging app have been forced to accept the new terms and conditions at the risk that they end up with an almost unusable account.

If the updates hadn’t caused a stir before, the latter revealed that WhatsApp had been sharing data with Facebook, its parent company since 2016. If the goal, according to the group, is entirely commercial and left to users’ discretion (who would) see their app gradually stripped. of his functions in case of refusal), it must be recognized that the question of confidentiality remains unresolved.

And so Skred won the battle for freedom by offering an app that’s unequivocal about the importance of secure digital messaging. It highlights the fact that there is no need to have a phone number and email address and is completely untraceable.

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Why choose Skred as your instant messaging app?

Since its launch in 2017, Skred has managed to attract more and more users due to its respect for privacy and secure messaging. At the start of this challenge was Pierre Bellanger, the highly hands-on CEO of Skyrock who, together with his engineers, imagined an entirely French application that would provide complete control for users and perfect protection of their personal data.

skred: Safe French Messaging App: Features

End-to-end encryption for added security

Skred Messaging provides end-to-end encryption, which means that only the two contacts you are communicating with have access to the content of their messages. In addition, the APK file does not use any server and is therefore peer-to-peer, ensuring perfect security for files that are not stored in any way. An important standard that ensures that no IP address, phone number or any other information is sent to social networks for marketing purposes. We wouldn’t expect any less from an app created by a radio station that advocates for freedom of expression for everyone.

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Completely free and anonymous mobile app

Certified by Anssi (National Agency for Information Systems Security), Skred instant messaging app was developed in collaboration with Inria. It is free to download for Android and IOS and does not require a subscription, phone operator (hence no SIM card or number) or email in order to work. There is no password or username to connect, everything is done in the simplest possible way while maintaining complete confidentiality. Title and you’re done! It can be used on all networks, ensuring that your exchanges are fast and unique.

skred Free and anonymous messaging app

If you have any doubts about France’s ability to compete with the giants of Silicon Valley, Skred has won all the votes. It made it possible to thwart the stranglehold of the US intelligence services on internet users’ data with a simple but effective application. Contemporary design in pink tones, a logo that suggests a lock or an eye (it depends!) and a super ergonomic interface. The cocktail is definitely a hit.

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Skred app features

Skred messenger allows its users to be able to create as many accounts as they wish. So it is ideal for people who want to have independent identities for private life and work. It makes it possible to exchange texts, as well as videos, photos, music, files and programs.

The Sked app is communicated by written message, voice call and also by video. And the most interesting thing is that the messages deleted in the conversation will also be deleted from the recipient. Suffice it to say that this is the perfect solution to the demanding expectations of mobile users who are looking for a service that can finally provide them with complete confidentiality and open source.

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