House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 4: (He) Fantasia, The Return

House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 4: (He) Fantasia, The Return

With Episode 4, Characters Dragon House You have only one desire: to take the sword out of its sheath, in the figurative sense of the term.

Warning, slight spoilers!

I would really like to be a reeine

“I don’t want a life where I have children until I die”, Rhinera screams while the kingdom awaits her marriage. Despite the pressure on her father Viserys’ shoulders, the princess refuses to give in to traditionPolicy that only reflects outdatedThe death penalty is for a woman.

Definitely, episode 4 of Dragon House It displays more than ever the naivety of its leaders, their sincere belief in the evolution of morals, and the wall they will irreparably punch themselves in the face for this reason.

Dragon House: PicturesIn this case: A/I prioritizing the dragon B/I engaging C/I curl up on hold

But above all, this fourth act stands out as one of the most important of the season, as it underlines the nerve center of the series: Difficulties of the position of the female in the world of WesterosThey are symbolized by two sides of the same coin, Rhaenyra and Alicent.

From ellipse to ellipse, HBO’s new production sculpts hate and shock, proving in the most beautiful way that it learned lessons from Game of thrones. Rather than being distracted by dozens of subplots and many additional characters, she stays focused on her issues, and on the back-and-forth narrative that can only take the form of sharp bounces.

Dragon House: Picturessword competition

Incidentally, the main (and shocking) event of the first episode takes on more importance as the series progresses. Viserys not only had to make a terrible decision. He led his daughter to flee the same fate and thus to bring about a change that would seal the future of the line.

Conversely, Aliscent is becoming an increasingly sedentary woman, suffering from an unease that will end up pitting her against her childhood friend. this too, Dragon House passes hardAn alternative assembly that is as effective as it is beautifully built, where Rhaenyra’s pursuit of hedonism parallels Alicent’s sense of duty…in the bedroom. If Millie Alcock has always asserted herself as an incredible actress, then Emily Curry pulls out of the game here, embodying in a wonderful way the transformation of her character, who loses all of her original candor.

Dragon House: PicturesFriendship in danger

When incest gets infected

since the beginning Dragon HouseSome spectators did not hesitate to accuse the series of sterilizing its aesthetics Game of thrones. On the other hand, one might be tempted to say that the Kingdom of Westeros was much more prosperous and stable at that time (after all, we’re talking about the fall of the Targaryen), but above all, we’ve survived so far. To the mighty lonely in their ivory tower.

Mischief from Episode 4 is specifically bringing Rhaenyra and Daemon to roam the streets of Port-Réal, with the camera focusing on The filth of this medieval Sodom and GomorrahWhile the rot spreads in the vicinity of the castle through the rotten body of the king and the rats infesting the rooms.

Dragon House: Picturesthrone of ver

Moreover, as George R. R. Martin’s amendments often have to restrict themselves to the palette of people and their political considerations, Dragon House Take time to create a beautiful metaphor to break out of it via an outdoor theatrical play. An opportunity to show that mistrust of Rhaenyra and misogyny in court are just as important on the other side of the wall.

From there, this Episode 4 succeeds in representing the fatigue of heroes reduced to their role, to their classification in the cogs of power, and how, by throwing their responsibilities out the window, they will generate a nameless chaos. This obviously runs through typical sex scenes for Game of thrones (Incest returns, awesome!), followed by hallway noises, and irreplaceable Shakespearean lies and betrayals. Dragon House It fully assumes its tragic aftermathAnd the beginning of the fall is more beautiful.

A new episode of House of the Dragon is available every Monday on OCS since August 22, 2022

House of the Dragon: Photo, Millie Alcock

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