Ligue 1 : No, Laurent Blanc won't be able to solve all OL's problems

Ligue 1 : No, Laurent Blanc won’t be able to solve all OL’s problems

It’s a new wind blowing over Olympique Lyonnais since the start of the week. A sweet summary of the novelties, serenity and smiles found. So much so that we almost forget that it stemmed from a string of poor results (4 defeats and 1 draw in the last 5 matches), he was called up as a coach publicly by one of the locker room captains (Alexandre Lacazette) and the crowd who fiercely challenged his team and his management last Friday. Not to forget, of course, a slow sale process but it must be realized. But today, all eyes are elsewhere, on the one everyone imagines, or rather wants to imagine, as a savior: Laurent Blanc. It was named to replace Peter Boss whose philosophy he misrepresents.Obviously not understood by everyoneLacazette said that the “boss” had to raise the level of a descending boat, which had already fallen to 9 points from the podium. Can he achieve this on his own? of course no.

Doubts, Hope and Excitement: Blanc, the new OL coach

No need to hide it. Everyone is curious (we are the first) to see, or rather see again, Laurent Blanc on a Ligue 1 seat. Six years away from France, it’s been a long time. “Even if I wasn’t in my position, I didn’t stray too far from football. I can assure you I watched a lot of matches. Football is evolving, and there is a trend in the evolution of systems in particular. I have seen Lens play who plays well but my vision for football is Not a single atom has changedHowever, football has evolved a lot since then. Even if in Lyon, at times, time seems rigid, with a president ubiquitous and a job that can wonder.

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Qualification is certain, all smiles are in Rennes

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It is up to senators to assume their responsibilities

But back to the field. With Blanc’s arrival, everyone is starting from scratch. Owners of alternatives and banners. ” During the sessions of the first weeks, there is no case, everyone wants to win his loss, even if he changes after that (…) But in the beginning, the cards are rearranged, and those who did not play would give themselves to the bottom to try to regain a place and seduce the coach. owners will give 100%“As long as there will be Jones,” ex-guard Nicholas Boydebois confirmed at Lyon’s show.

If several Jerome Boateng and Houssam Al-Aawar can be revived, for example, the whole team will have to raise its level, first on the technical level, where errors have been evident for several weeks. But also on personality. Very fragile, very weak, OL collapsed with minimal difficulty without startle. Above all, it is up to the players to respond and show a completely different face to come out of this crisis. Laurent Blanc, who is aware of this, has already sent a message in this direction. He has a certain field of work, but remains limited.

Players realize that the situation does not reflect the set goals, they are old enough to know that it is necessary to be more efficientHe explained at a press conference on Monday. Senators, such as Anthony Lopez, the ghosts Alexandre Lacazette or Corentin Tolisso, will have to lead the revolution.Those who will get us off this pass are the surefire players. I will count on themWarn the new technician from Leon, who knows that working in depth when arriving all the way is not easy, if not impossible.

Lyon is a team of senators, the most fair game in the tournamentSidney Gufo lamented at L’Equipe last week. It could be outdone in Lens (0-1), but for three years OL had the same issues, losing a lot of matches due to lack of sharpness… It’s a system that needs to be reviewed, from the way they talk to the players, getting them to sign contracts… I know it’s hard to hear about men who have spent so much time. “

It is up to the leaders to make the right choices

On Monday, Ulas made no secret that he had committed too.mistakes“In recent years, though, much of the blame has been placed on the shoulders of Juninho, its former sporting director, accused of favoring Rudi Garcia over Laurent Blanc at the time. But if OL has not won any title since 2012, it is probably not the result of Serendipity. The succession of bad choices is a little more, to the point where all European Cups are missing. From Genesio to Sylvinho, De Garcia to Boss Across recruitment and public policy: questioning wanted Vincent Ponso, director of football, and Bruno Ciro, director of recruitment, struggle to impress. Fans, who grow disillusioned and tired of Laurent Blanc alone will not be able to solve everything.

How could OL have fallen so low? Ulas listened to his positions a lot.

I had the chance to win more than 50 titles with both the men’s and women’s teams. With Laurent, I’m convinced we’ll get there. I have such a desire to get there… I don’t have contracts left to be in charge of OL‘, the Lyon president admitted at the start of the season, speaking of a sale over“And remember that he will stay”At least three yearsAlong with John TextorSuch decisionsHoping to be good for the fairly near future for OL. Today, time is no longer an ally.

And because he tested well, he is surrounded by incompetent peoplesummarized by Jofu without the language of wood. He is captivated by what he did. A Ponsot, you can’t in this role, Bruno Cheyrou (Recruiter), he’s a good guy but he doesn’t know what networks to sell, which is the hardest thing to hire. Gerard Houllier knew how to sell, for example (…) Juninho soon realized that it was working backwards. It wasn’t good but he wanted to create another system. In addition, this is not his job, he speaks with great affection to a sports director. It would have been perfect in the role of the free electron to deliver messages. “

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“Time goes by, we forget you…but OL hasn’t forgotten me”

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League 1

Rin, the series continues

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