The Last of Us Part 1: The 'Best Game' on PS5 and PC Explained in Honor Video
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The Last of Us Part 1: The ‘Best Game’ on PS5 and PC Explained in Honor Video

game news The Last of Us Part 1: The ‘Best Game’ on PS5 and PC Explained in Honor Video

Another straight line in communication about the re-release of The Last of Us on PS5 and PC (coming soon)! In the face of the many criticisms that may have been leveled against this remake, the developers are stepping in to defend their project and ensure that it will be the “best version of the game” in order to honor the legacy of the game released in 2013, not just a remake.


  • More than just basic redesigns and additions!
  • The Last of Us Part I, the ultimate gaming experience on PS5 and PC

More than just basic redesigns and additions!

Within a week, the marketing campaign of Our last part one It took on a new dimension. Due to the attack on the interest of this new version, the development teams saw fit to speak in a series of promotional videos to prove that all this is not just a commercial project. No, there is a real ambition behind us Our last part one And a true desire to honor the legacy of this first major episode in Naughty Dog history. On the side of visual improvementsthe Californian studio has given us enough to convince us to make tremendous progress over previous releases. However, Naughty Dog didn’t want us to be able to sum up the PS5 and PC version into a simple bundle of a “graphic overhaul and modern gameplay” because, according to the teams, it’s so much more!

Last weekend, the developers made it clear to us that they are eager to share the founding story of the license the last of us in the largest number. For this, I have included Naughty Dog at length Options and features Which will allow more inclusiveness for those who want to (re)discover the game very soon PS5then on the computer. This approach could not be more commendable, and Naughty Dog’s insight into this project is tangentially enhanced. During successive speeches, as today, we understand that this is a way to honor the original game: the members of the studio explain it to us again, against the background of unpublished photos (in the excerpt at the top of the article ).

The Last of Us Part I, the ultimate gaming experience on PS5 and PC

In addition to this new video, some project executives were able to express their vision for this new release on PlayStation Blog from Sony. For Shaun Escayg, creative director of this new release, the term “remake” is not overused: To bring The Last of Us back to life, from the ground up, the teams have reused everything they’ve been able to learn over the past 10 years to improve the original work, pushing realism as high as possible.. The “graphic” aspect was not the focus of everyone’s attention, The combat system also goes through the factory To view ” More dynamic confrontations allow more situations “In order to put players” In unexpected situations As lead programmer John Bellome explains in turn.

The Last of Us Part 1: The Last of Us Part 1:

It will have a completely different effect on the player. Due to the characteristics of DualSense and 3D audio Which will bring heightened sensations, i.e. technologies at that time limited on PS4 as Neil Uchitel, head of sound reminds us. The last major project mentioned in this communication: animation. Here too, significant progress has been made, as Shawn Esquiage points out, which will result in Enhance the authenticity of some scenesWhen it comes to, for example, characters, And their strength in immersionEspecially in the face of lush vegetation that is regaining its rights in certain places. This is the first part of The Last of UsIn the words of director Matthew Gallant, The ultimate experience For fans of the first hour, those new to PS5, who will discover the universe thanks to the futuristic TV series, and for all the others. »

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