10 video games for students that outperform professionals!
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10 video games for students that outperform professionals!

game news 10 video games for students that outperform professionals!

Tomorrow’s developers have talent. You don’t have to be a graduate to make great games. Between the prototypes that gave rise to acclaimed games and those that have the potential to create true standalone nuggets, here are 10 great student projects.

an introduction

If you are interested in discovering the projects of tomorrow’s developers, feel free to take a look at itch.io. You can find many student games for free (including some below) or discover the prototypes created while the many student games are crowded.


It is a very dark and somewhat distinctive platformer game brought to us by the students of DigiPen in 2014. While platform games are used to provide us with wide and free action, this is not the case. restricted. As its name suggests, the title introduces you to the avatar of a character who is constrained by a ball, hampering his progress and movements. Another curricular approach coupled with a serious topic deals with addiction. An abstract and powerful story, it won an award at the International Hard Play Awards. look for it over here.

Do not look

It hasn’t outdone France when it comes to student play. To salute the future generation of French developers, the Pegasus Party has also chosen, from its first edition, to reward the best student game of the year. And the first title he got this title is none other than Do not look Developed by CNAM Enjmin students. This is a horror game that uses a specific technology: eye tracking. It is impossible to look away to avoid fears because it is what allows you to control your flashlight and thus move forward in the dark. An innovative and original concept that fits perfectly into the horror genre. look for it over here.


We stay in France but this time next to the Rubica School in Valenciennes. It was set in the last Pegasi, Jivana It takes us to a wonderful world where a very tragic catastrophe occurred. A disaster had already forced an entire civilization to flee from its original land. Ellis, a daring young man from the clan who is capable of manipulating water, decides to search for a legendary cathedral that can save them all. Between the atmosphere and the controlled effects of light, the view has something to admire, especially for a student project implemented by dozens of developers in preparation.

square level

It was only in 2017, three years after the first release, that the Game Awards decided to honor the most successful student projects with a new category of awards (which has since been abandoned). that year square level That was honoured, a true gem of creativity. If at first glance the principle of the game and the art direction are quite basic (just move a square over the levels), then the projection system and level design are well thought out and effective. This was the case even before the match ended. In fact, the Game Awards only rewarded a demo of the game that you can also find over here.


During the last release of Pégases, there was a student game that set the level very high: Lisvangha. Hack ‘n’ slash offers us a fantastic world that mixes temporal powers and monsters to slay. If we can overcome Lysfangha’s slowdown and technical flaws, the title is no longer a simple project for students. Ambitious, rich and detailed, it has a certain potential to become a very good independent game. At least that’s what SFL Interactive, the French publisher of independent video games, co-founded by Michael Sportoch (formerly Activision-Blizzard), thought. So Lysfangha will be the first ISART Digital project to benefit from this all-new partnership and a commercial version will be offered. In the meantime, you can find the address over here.

hookah drop

hookah drop It is a true biblical case. Because if you do not know this student project that was released in 2005, then you necessarily know the game that later became: outlet. It was really the students who developed this portal mechanism that brought about the eternal success of the Valve franchise. At the time, there were no bots or cake in sight, but a princess by the name of No-Knees. The latter can set up portals as they wish to advance into the hostile dungeon. When visiting the DigiPen School, Valve representatives will learn about the project. Seduced, they offer students to join the fund to develop and market their game with a brand new engine. Thus one of the most emblematic games of 2000 was born. Find Narbacular Drop over here.

rain danger

We continue with another game, certainly less known, but which has also taken its first steps as a student project: Rain risk. It all begins at the University of Washington where two young students, Duncan Drummond and Paul Morse, create a game inspired by their favorite titles. Thus, Rain Menace will be a mixed title, mixed action, roguelike, and platformer, all sprinkled with a small perpetual death mechanic. The project begins to intrigue people and the students decide to set up a studio to set it up. In 2013, the game was released. In 2014, it won Best Student Game at the Independent Games Festival. And in 2019, it will see a particularly acclaimed sequel. Great story for this student project.

space war!

Video games as student projects are nothing new. Furthermore, what some consider the first video game to be a student project. Of course, this project is not the result of studies in development, but in science. We’re in the early 1960s, and a completely new computer made its debut in the MIT Department of Electrical Engineering, the DEC PDP-1 minicomputer. So AUC students and staff come together to create a project to highlight the capabilities of the PDP-1. Then he proposes three of them space war!, 2D multi-directional shot. Note that Tic-Tac-Toe and Mouse in the Maze were also created under these conditions.

10 video games for students that outperform professionals!

worthy of space

Coming back to our times with a student project that might mean nothing to you, but nonetheless has led to the development of one of the biggest standalone pieces of recent years: worthy of space. The year 2012. Alex Beachum, a student at the University of Southern California, must produce a game prototype as part of his master’s thesis. Then he chose “a first-person space exploration game designed to create the feeling of space hiking. If Spaceworthy doesn’t seem like much, Alex has the atypical concept that he’ll delve deeper into a popular indie game: Outer Prairie.


Finally, there is another French project. Direction ISART Digital, in particular, is fertile ground for future developers. In 2020, a small team of students from there revealed a poetic graduation project that they are happy to watch: symphony. In the shoes of a violinist, you are invited to walk in the footsteps of ancient musicians and awaken an ancient city. Everything takes place in a platform which of course puts the music in the spotlight, both in terms of the soundtrack and the gameplay. Between its elaborate art direction, magical atmosphere, and fun gameplay, it deserves its title as the best student game of 2020. Find Symphonia over here.

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