Apple will convince more than 35 million Americans to abandon Android just for this
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Apple will convince more than 35 million Americans to abandon Android just for this

news devices Apple will convince more than 35 million Americans to abandon Android just for this

An American study just updated a somewhat shocking number: almost 25% of Android users would be ready to switch to Apple thanks to one feature. Switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone has never been easier and the iPhone 14 is very likely a huge box.

Millions of Americans are ready to switch from Android to iPhone

Watch out, we’re going to get into the tough stuff in droves right from the start. In this way, everyone understands the title of this article.

  • According to Statista, There are approximately 280 million smartphones in circulation in the United States.
  • According to a recent survey conducted by Consumer Research Intelligence Partners50% of Americans use iOS (iPhone), the others are as you can imagine 50% Using an Android smartphone.
  • result : There are 140 million Americans on Android. Logic.

Wait, the puzzle is almost over. A new study conducted by behind the identitya company specializing in cybersecurity, reveals that 25% of Android users say they are attracted to buying an iPhone. Fast little math, 25% of 140 million is 35 million.

Across the Atlantic, phones from the Cupertino company are becoming more and more popular. Every year, Apple withdraws market share from its competition.

The numbers are clear and obvious, but they mean nothing, if taken out of context. Then the question arises: Why is Apple so successful? There is one main answer: security.

iPhone 14 collection from EverythingApplePro

Apple will convince more than 35 million Americans to abandon Android just for this

iPhone 14: The most secure smartphone on the market? Apple vs Android

Half of the 1,003 surveyed (enough for a reliable study if it’s a representative panel) were unanimous: Thanks to Apple’s security and confidentiality edge, they love Apple.

People who own an iPhone 13 are more likely to say that their phone is the most secure they’ve ever owned. Here, it doesn’t matter whether it’s realistic or a simple result of a good communication campaign: people have feeling iOS is more reliable than Android.

The apple knows it and plays on it. In the 2021 report, Apple says Android smartphones are 15 to 47 times more susceptible to malware from iPhone. This number can be interpreted in several ways:

  • Apple is very strict about downloadable apps. Everything has to go through the App Storecompletely closed.
  • Apple’s business model is not based on data reselling… unlike Google, which is behind the Android operating system.
  • iPhones are expensive. They are all premium smartphones, With the latest technology, especially in terms of security. There is a greater disparity in Android.
  • There are fewer iPhones in general. If a hacker wants to create a virus, they are more likely to spread it widely if they develop it for Android instead of iOS.

With iOS 16, which will be installed by default on future iPhone 14s, Apple has developed a “Lockdown” mode.. This mode is reserved for a very small percentage of people who are more likely to be attacked by hackers (who they are or what they do). For maximum security, this mode limits many iPhone functions.

In practice, almost no one will use containment mode… but it is very useful commercially by strengthening Apple’s security image.

Be warned, while millions of people say they’re willing to switch from Android to iOS for security reasons, that doesn’t mean iPhone users are the happiest in the world. Price, for example, is a blocking factor for many people. And therefore , More than a third of iOS users are considering switching to Android.

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