Disney+ shocks its users by asking them for new personal information
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Disney+ shocks its users by asking them for new personal information

JVTech News Disney+ shocks its users by asking them for new personal information

Just weeks before the Disney+ subscription with ads arrives in the US, the video streaming platform is under fire from critics across the Atlantic. In question, a particularly arrogant request for personal data was sent to some subscribers.

On December 8, US subscribers of the Disney + platform will see ads within the service. This will automatically apply to owners of a $7.99 subscription: To avoid advertising, the only solution will be to switch to the “Premium” offer at $10.99.

However, it is very likely that many clients of the platform will remain on this format with advertising to test it. And the To make it profitable, Disney+ plans to display several minutes of ads per hour of viewingand so does Netflix for its part. Obviously, this ad will be targeted according to the user profile.

Disney + threatens its customers, which is a very shocking situation

several days ago, Several Disney+ subscribers have reported receiving an email with an overtly aggressive tone. “Give us your date of birth and gender to continue broadcasting”can we read in particular.

Beneath that menacing banner, the service makes it clear that it needs it now “additional information” to continue working properly. This includes your date of birth, and what best describes your gender.. probably, It is impossible to passsince Disney + adds that if this step is not implemented before December 8, 2022, There is a risk of discontinuation of the subscription.

For many users, this query is problematic, as it relates to potentially sensitive information that not everyone is willing to communicate. especially, We can legitimately ask why Disney+ would need to know a person’s gender. Age can be justified to adapt the contents according to the user, but the rest seems really useless.

Flawed justification from Disney+

Despite the public criticism, especially on Twitter, Disney+ has not sought to communicate further about this request. Should
Visit the site’s instructions To find an answer to the question Why does Disney+ need my birthdate and gender?.

“The Disney+ Subscription Agreement requires that you be 18 years of age, or the age of majority in your state or territory of residence, to purchase Disney+. By collecting your date of birth and establishing a billing relationship with you (on our site or through a third party), we confirm your eligibility to get Disney+., can we read there. Platform complements this answer by adding that age can also be used “Provide targeted advertising”.

As far as sex is concerned, we learn that This information will be used to personalize your experience, which may include advertising and in other ways consistent with our Privacy Policy. » On profiles associated with users under the age of 13, this information is not currently required.

Soon a similar request in other countries?

So there is no doubt that this information request is related to the arrival of the new Disney + subscription format. At the moment, the latter does not yet have an arrival date in Europe, but we can imagine that when it does, Users from the respective countries will also have to provide new information to the platform. Unless, of course, it reconsider its decision in the face of the American controversy.

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