SpaceX cuts monthly Starlink subscription price in France in half

SpaceX cuts monthly Starlink subscription price in France in half

After increasing the price of Starlink communication equipment, SpaceX drastically reduced the monthly price for access to the service. The flip side of the coin is that it comes with a policy of speed restriction that exceeds a certain amount of downloaded data.

On Wednesday August 3, 2022, French subscribers to Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, received a pleasant surprise by email in these times of general inflation. As of this date, the monthly cost of accessing the service drops from €99 per month to €50, or roughly half that amount. No action is required on your part, the price reduction will be automatically applied to your next billidentifies the email we got.

Also of interest, we know that flat rate shipping and service fees, which are automatically billed to all new customers, are disappearing. amounted to 59 euros. Remember, however, that last March, SpaceX revised the price of the expensive hardware package needed to get Starlink to the top. From 499 euros, it rose to 634 euros. The increase will be deleted from now on in less than three months of subscription.

Possibly speed limitation beyond 250€ one-way/month

With pride in introducing the first subscribers “Same Starlink service at half price”This media campaign insists on the opening next October of a program called “fair use”, and aims to “To ensure the growth of our customer base, the quality of service for the typical user will not be negatively affected by the users consuming large amounts of data”. In other words, Starlink will ensure that spreading its reach to more users will not negatively affect the quality of service.

On paper, this is very good news. But be careful though, this policy allows Starlink to introduce new rules of use. The ISP will, in fact, retain the ability to reduce the connection speeds of the largest data consumers during periods of greatest network demand. “All users will continue to have access to unlimited data. Users consuming 250GB/month or less of data will be prioritized. Users above 250GB/month will still have access to unlimited data, but may experience slower speeds. Congestion periods the network “Explain the company.

And since everything is a business question, we learn that those most greedy users will be able to restore their access priority in 100 GB increments at €10. It should be noted that hitting 250 GB of consumption per month is not very difficult, at a time when some video games weigh 100 GB and one hour of 4K streaming on Netflix accounts for nearly 7 GB of ingested data.

Starlink therefore intends to raise the bar in France, where high-speed deployments over 4G/5G and fiber-optic networks continue. Despite everything, there are still many geographical areas in the national territory where very long and inefficient ADSL lines are served to customers, or even areas – sparsely populated – where network coverage is almost non-existent. It is clear that it is these customers that Starlink will try to lure, as well as Bedouins who want to take advantage of reliable and fast Internet access while roaming (for mobile homes, for example, an additional option of 25 euros is billed per month).

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