Black Friday: Best Deals of 2022 Live! TVs, PS5, Smartphones, Nintendo Switch...
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Black Friday: Best Deals of 2022 Live! TVs, PS5, Smartphones, Nintendo Switch…

Live broadcast Black Friday: Best Deals of 2022 Live! TVs, PS5, Smartphones, Nintendo Switch…

Yesterday, the week of Black Friday officially celebrated its big comeback in France and with it, a lot of offers and promotions appeared on the websites of different e-commerce players. Do you want to do Christmas shopping on Black Friday? So don’t waste time because the best offers are available right now and we run the risk of running out of stock!

With inflation soaring in France, Black Friday was an eagerly awaited event for most consumers. Indeed, while households are now busy preparing Christmas gifts in anticipation of the year-end festivities, big promotions on technology and many other departments are welcomed with open arms. “”

Just yesterday the Black Friday week seemed to make a big comeback in France and with it we can already see great discounts on tech products such as smartphones and 4K TVs, not to mention gaming laptops and gaming desktops.

In short, you don’t have to wait until November 25, the official day of Black Friday 2022 since most of the major e-commerce brands have already pulled out heavy artillery with loads of promotions!

Don’t miss out on the best Black Friday 2022 deals already online!

  • The PS5 Gift Card costs €76.41 instead of €90 on Amazon
  • Official PS5 DualSense controller at €49.99 instead of €69.99 on Cdiscount
  • The price of the third generation Echo Dot + two Philips Hue bulbs is € 34.99 instead of € 89.98 on Amazon
  • The AMD Radeon RX 6800 graphics card that competes with the RTX 3070 Ti costs €499 instead of €589 at Amazon
  • Google Pixel 6a is priced at €360 instead of €459.99 on Amazon
  • Price of FireCuda 530 1TB SSD with Heat Sink Compatible for PS5 is €149.99 instead of €254.90 at Amazon
  • Asus TUF A15 laptop with RTX 3070 priced at €1,299.99 instead of €1,799.99 on Amazon
  • The 55-inch LG C2 OLED 4K TV is €1,099.99 instead of €1,309.99 on Rue du Commerce
  • Macbook Air 13 “€ 999 instead of € 1199 at Fnac
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor at € 281.86 instead of € 403.92 on Amazon
  • Google Chromecast Video 4 price starts from €39.90 to €29.90 at Son-Video
  • Thanks to Samsung’s money-back offer, the Slim Pad induction charger has a price of just € 1.42

The biggest brands are participating in Black Friday 2022!

  • Amazon It’s not surprising that the giant Amazon celebrates discounts, coupons and special sales on a large part of its technology and IT catalog.
  • shopping street : French reference in the field of online sales, you can benefit from a particularly good catalog as well as its very competitive prices. Presentation During sales and during Black Friday, Rue du Commerce is a must-present.
  • Fnack There are also plenty of options on computers and devices, a wide range of TVs and more. What’s more, Fnac offers a click-and-collect service to go directly to their local store.
  • my house : Darty and Fnac are now grouped under the same banner and therefore have the same benefits. At Darty we find more home appliances.
  • cdiscount : Of course, Cdiscount is in the game for Black Friday, with hundreds of offers across all its sections.
  • Baker

    : On Black Friday you can count on Boulanger and its offers on the world of multimedia and technology, a lot of TVs and also some computers and smartphones.

  • Lenovo : The Chinese manufacturer has managed to make its mark in the world of laptops by offering beautiful and high-performance machines! Participate in Black Friday, it is an appointment that should not be missed if you want to change your device.
  • Micromania zing : Micromania is also doing Black Friday with deals on certain games, especially goodies from franchises, Funko Pop figurines, etc…

Black Friday is a massive business that comes to us from the United States. Black Friday appeared in the 1960s and occurs every year during November, the day after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November.

Black Friday is also the starting point for millions of people around the world to do their Christmas shopping, so as not to do it at the last minute and to be able to buy great gifts at affordable prices.

For example, if your Christmas shopping list is ready, it is not necessary to wait until November 25th to make it happen because prices are now dropping on major brands. Plus, you can avoid the D-Day shop rush and you can even give larger gifts on the same budget if you come across good deals.

As you understand, Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to thumb your nose at the swell and prepare for the year-end festivities as calmly as possible!

During Black Friday 2022, don’t fall for scammers!

Whether it’s sales, French days, or Black Friday, the whole point of checking out the news called “Bon Plan” on JV is to ensure peace of mind. Our team responsible for writing this news is an expert on the subject. We know a thing or two about technology and see the major products of the moment go by all day. In our news, we make you benefit from this experience. First, we pick deals for you that we think are really worth it. Next, in the body of the article, we explain the different characteristics of the product offered for sale as well as the evolution of the price curve.

Every offer is decoded as well as every seller hiding behind a product so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises upon receiving your order. However, some good gestures can still be applied in addition to all this.

On Amazon as on Fnac-Darty, you are actually welcomed into a marketplace where there are a number of third-party sellers, and unfortunately, not all of them are reliable. So pay close attention to the company selling the item to you before ordering. Please note that we are not telling you that you should not place an order with a third party seller, but just to be aware. Even Amazon itself, with its sheer size, isn’t immune to this problem, but a simple look at the reviews should already tell you enough about the seriousness of the seller.

Likewise, you should be wary of offers that are too attractive to be true, especially if you haven’t browsed through our good deals articles. In fact, if we make sure to post verified offers to meet your needs, be aware that there are so many offers with unrealistic (very low) prices that something could be wrong. Again, caution is to be taken and we advise you, in the event that you do not follow through with a good plan article, to be more vigilant by getting to know the seller.

During Black Friday 2022, you could be the target of a widespread scam attempt in France: “phishing”. Phishing, for example, is that SMS or that email you’ll receive inviting you to click a link either because there was a problem with paying your order, or because your package remained blocked in the mail or customs. Under no circumstances, do not click on this link which is only intended to steal your personal information and banking data. ”

You’re probably already waiting for a Black Friday order by mail or other carrier, in which case, you’ll have a suspicion. In any case, never click on a link sent by a dubious email address or an SMS whose number is unknown. Instead, check the information about your order directly on the merchant’s website.

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Black Friday 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a day of promotions that can be found both online and in physical stores. Thus many products are being dumped so it is time to do good business. Black Friday precedes the week of Black Friday and is followed by Cyber ​​Monday. This means that the period of promotions can extend up to 10 days.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Officially, Black Friday 2022 takes place on Friday, November 25th. That is, it is preceded by the week of Black Friday.

What brands participate in Black Friday?

You can find most of the major brands online, such as: AmazonAnd the cdiscountAnd the FnackAnd the my houseAnd the BakerAnd the Micromania zingAnd the LocklearAnd the shopping streetAnd the Audio and videoAnd the Zaffi

Best black friday deals

This page contains affiliate links to some of the products that JV has selected for you. Each purchase you make by clicking on one of these links will not cost you more, but the e-merchant will pay us a commission. The prices referred to in the article are those offered by the merchant websites at the time the article was published and such prices are likely to vary at the sole discretion of the merchant website without informing the subscribing company.
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